MITT 555 TT Adventure test

Another Chinese-made 500 trail… so what?

Surely many will be thinking that there are already many options on the market for those looking for a mid-displacement trail bike at an affordable price. There will also be those brands that manufacture in China left off the radar… and they will always remain classics. But for all those who ignore conventions and do not let themselves be guided by clichés, MITT comes to offer a honest and sensible option with this MITT 555 TT Adventure.

The truth is that there are already many brands that for years have been consolidating the distribution in Europe and more specifically in Spain of numerous Chinese-made motorcycles, with great success. We talk about European companies that establish ties with large Chinese manufacturers and that show different degrees of participation in the manufacturing processfrom design to distribution and after-sales.

Some companies limit themselves to the distribution of motorcycles designed by their Asian partners, others are more committed to the design part, choosing finishes and options that they believe may be better received in the markets they know, and a few They venture to launch their own brandswith a distinctive image, its own design decisions and populating really large catalogs in a few years.

The latter is the path that Jets Marivent has chosen for the creation of Mitt. Jets Marivent is a Spanish business group with extensive experience in the manufacturing and international distribution of all types of vehicles, including: ATVs, UTVs, bicycles, e-bikes, electric scooters or even yachts and jet skis. But above all and specifically through the brand MITT has been placing a large number of two-wheeled vehicles on the streets since its creation in 2018..

MITT is breaking all growth records and in just a few years has reached more than respectable sales volumes, especially thanks to the small displacement and motorcycles for urban mobility. The arrival of the MITT 530 TT and its big sister the MITT 555 TT that concerns us todayform an important milestone for the brand.

Test MITT 555 TT Adventure, aesthetic details and well-chosen equipment

As everything in this life enters us through the eyes, the first thing I am going to highlight is the aesthetic aspect of this MITT 555 TT, which presents a recognizable figure on the trail, with a usual duckbill and dimensions and shapes similar to other proposals of the segment, but that has caught my attention especially for its gold wheels and single-sided swingarmvery characteristic and striking.

The rims are tubeless and have external anchor spokes, which I sincerely believe is the most elegant and effective way to implement tubeless on this type of motorcycle. The single-sided swingarm system is very reminiscent (also) of the one found on the BMW GS and which, in the medium-displacement trail segment, is only presented by this MITT.

He equipment seems generally sensible and well chosen to me. The motorcycle is full ledwhich is somewhat the standard in the industry, although it is still appreciated and also has backlit pineapples, which is a detail that even big brands seem not to know even exists yet. Have 12V power outlet to the right of the instrumentation and on the left side we have two USB sockets (type A and type C).

The instrumentation is implemented through a very clear 7” TFT screen that presents information clearly and elegantly. In addition, they come standard handlebar covers and side fenders. What does not come standard are the suitcaseswhich for a limited time are half price and are without a doubt one of the best things the motorcycle has in terms of equipment. They are completely made of aluminum and all the design decisions seem appropriate to me: closures, interior linings, sealing system or even the thickness of the sheets themselves, seem correct to me.

It is also worth mentioning that the system of ABS is deactivatable completely or only on the rear wheel, an unusual extreme for motorcycles of this price.

MITT 555 TT Adventure test: Engine and cycle part

The propeller of this MITT 555 TT is 471 cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder is left over 47 HP at 8,500 rpm and 44 Nm of torque around 7,000 rpm. It is an engine that asks to be driven at high revs and can present some vibrations if we let it drop too much. It is not something worrying, you can say that it is a smooth engine, but where it is finest is after 3,000 revolutions. Maybe where it moves best is between 5,000 and 8,000 revolutions and beyond 8,500 it doesn’t make much sense to squeeze it more. In any case, it is an engine that responds as it should and is very usable.

The gearbox is well matched to the engine, especially the first gear, short and powerful, which seems to be designed to bring the bike out of the point of lethargy in the best way. Which is smart because the bike weighs 205 kg dry, it is not too much, but it is not a particularly light motorcycle either. Once we are moving, we will generally find ourselves shifting at the high end of the tachometer and the gears come in easily and smoothly.

The cycle part of this MITT 555 TT Adventure is well resolved in general. Rest on wheels tubeless with external anchor spokes, 19” at the front and 17” at the rear, with 110/80-19 and 150/70-17 tires respectively. I have already told you that I especially like the wheels, with their gold finish and good finishes. The swingarm is also peculiar, based on a single-sided design that is quite unique and provides a very recognizable aesthetic point.

The brakes are made with the brand’s own components and in front they have two 298 mm discs with axial-mount brake calipers. In the back we have a single disc with 240 mm diameter. The braking of this motorcycle is very good, forceful and manageable, a good point in favor of the MITT 555 TT Adventure. The suspensions, which might seem a little tight for the weight of the bike, have positively surprised me. Firstly, because off the asphalt, I have not seen that they have stopped when I have tried to go a little rough on some track. We do not have the distance information, but despite my 100 kg and a cheerful pace on irregular terrain, I have always seen them solvent.

Another thing is that the fork is adjustable in preload, compression and extension (even though the manufacturer’s technical data sheet only mentions preload and compression) and the rear shock absorber is adjustable in preload and compression and is mounted on a system of linkages. The chassis is multi-tubular steel and has adequate rigidity so that the motorcycle is reactive and poised.

MITT 555 TT Adventure test: Ergonomics on the MITT 555 TT Adventure

The most notable feature in terms of ergonomics and perhaps in terms of user experience of this MITT 555 TT Adventure is without a doubt the comfort. It is a spacious motorcycle, which gives the sensation of a large motorcycle and takes great care of the comfort of the rider and passenger. For reference, tell you that I am 186 cm tall and weigh 100 kg. The first thing that stands out as soon as you sit on the motorcycle is how “buried” you are on it. There is a lot of bike in front with wide and high handlebars and tank and a screen that, although not very large, is very perpendicular and far from us, which helps to increase the parapet it offers.

He seat is 81 cm from the floor and that is why it is quite accessible and the handles are adjustable. The posture is upright thanks to the good legroom and also the high handlebars, we have good aerodynamic protection thanks also to a deposit voluminous, which I take this opportunity to tell you which has 21 liters of capacity. In general The motorcycle stands out for its comfort and that is important because a large part of your audience will be looking for a good route.

Regardless of how far the country capabilities of a trail bike go, there will always be those who take advantage of it (with good judgment) to make small (or not so small) forays into the brown and in this respect, precisely because of that height of the handlebars and Due to the general size of the motorcycle, it is very comfortable when standing. The screen is sufficiently out of reach of our chin guard or visor and is not a problem for occasional use of the motorcycle on the trails. There will be those who find the footrests a little further forward than they would like, but for everything else, It is a motorcycle that can be ridden standing up without problems.. The footrest rubbers are removable, so that we can increase grip on rainy or muddy days.

MITT 555 TT Adventure Test: Sensations on the Go

The MITT 555 TT is a motorcycle very suitable as a touring motorcycleit is mainly very comfortablehas good aerodynamic protection and prevents the appearance of fatigue. The motorcycle has good tread and you don’t have to fight with it to get it into a curve. The shift is smooth and works well andThe brakes are forceful and adjustableFor all this we can safely say that it is a motorcycle outstanding in comfort and safetywhich is not saying something.

A characteristic of this bike is that yes, it is slightly overweight (205 kg dry) but it is also true that we are very “buried” in it and this makes itThe center of gravity of the motorcycle-rider assembly is very low. It is a noble and poised motorcycle, which shows a certain waist when making direction changes in linked curves. He does not seem clumsy or stubborn, on the contrary, If driven with joy it is very agile thanks to that weight distribution and the wide handlebars.

For all this I believe that it is a motorcycle that responds well on the roadwhich lets us go comfortably at fast-track speeds and then supports a little more sporty use when we face curved roads and slightly more twisty terrain. Something to keep in mind is that it is easy to scratch the footrest warning lights, probably due to my weight (100 kg) and especially when we have soft suspensions.

In general, I like the way this bike goes, the engine is going to ask us to rev it high and Where it will work best is after 5,000 laps.around 7,000 rpm is where it gives its all and you may find yourself shifting gears up to 8,000 rpm almost all the time.

Off the asphalt, the first thing to say is that this is not a motorcycle that has great country aspirations. But it is certainly very comfortable, flat and noble on easy trails and easy terrain. The suspensions hold well the (a priori excessive) weight of the motorcycle and I reiterate that at no time have I felt that they hit the brakes or that they do anything strange.

The size of this MITT 555 TT may intimidate some pilots, but the truth is that it is easy to get your feet to the ground from the seat that is 810 mm off the ground and is easy to move at low speed or maneuver in the parking lot, thanks to a generous turning radius and wide handlebars.

In general, the dynamic behavior of the motorcycle has positively surprised me and in particular I have seen it cheerful and agile on twisty roads. Another pleasant surprise has been the behavior of the suspensions off the asphalt, which although not the main focus of this MITT 555 TT, is always a good extra.

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