MotoGP 2024 calendar: Will there be a Kazakhstan GP?

Since before the start of the season, the Kazakhstan GP dispute has been in question. In fact, when it became known about the cancellation of the Argentine GP, rumors already suggested that it was possible that he would fall out of the championship. A little over a month before the start of the season, the GP appeared as “Subject to contract and approval”.

Now, according to the official statement, the torrential rains that have caused floods throughout Asia and have severely affected the northern area of ​​Kazakhstan, have led to a public announcement that the Kazakhstan GP will not be held on the scheduled dates.

The GP was scheduled for the weekend of June 16, but now has no date. At the moment and officially it is not cancelled, but the options of being able to celebrate it in the final part of the championship (when Kazakhstan has returned to normality) seem complicated.

From September 1, when the Aragon GP is held at MotorLand until November 17, when the championship closes at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, there are 9 GPs scheduled.

In addition to 9 GPs in 12 weeks, which is already a concentration that is difficult to accept, it must be said that they all belong to the Asian tour and the Australian GP. They are practically all consecutive except for the week between the San Marino GP and the Indian GP, ​​the week between the Japanese GP and the Australian GP and between Malaysia and Cheste. Therefore, there is no real space to relocate the GP in between.

If there is no Kazakhstan GP the calendar will drop to 20 GPs

As if this were not enough, the fact that the statement refers to future communications does not seem to leave room for maneuver for the Kazakhstan GP to be replaced by the Hungarian GP, ​​which is a reserve, although it was also pending contract and homologation.

However, taking into account that the final number of GPs would be 20 in the event of the definitive cancellation of the Kazakhstan GP, ​​it does not mean a significant reduction in the competition.

Therefore, it is understandable that they are not looking for a replacement for the GP as already happened when the cancellation of the Argentine GP was confirmed.

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