MZ Skorpion 660 Tour from 2001 in NOS condition

In 1994, the German company MZ rose from its ashes taking advantage of the popularity that single-cylinder road frames were having at that time. For this he developed two variants derived from the same model: Skorpion 660 Sport and 660 Tour. In both cases we were looking at a motorcycle that stood out, above anything else, for its marked simplicity and good level of efficiency.

At that time, MZ would resort to the services of an English technical study for the development of the cycle part, Seymour Powellwhile the mechanics were adopted from a trail icon of the moment, the Yamaha XT660 (the same one that would later be used by SZR660).

Returning to its chassis; This stood out mainly for having welded parts and others glued with aeronautical adhesives. Attached to it was a conventional front fork and a Bilstein rear shock, in the suspensions section. Braking was carried out by separate discs activated by Grimeca tweezersone per axle, anchored in a pair of 17” wheels.

MZ Skorpion 660 Tour from 2001 in detail

Now the friends of Iconic Motorbikes They have for sale on their official website, in auction mode, a copy of the version 660 Tourand also, it seems, is in a state NOS (New Old School)although to tell the truth its current owner does not have documentation to support this theory.

What is certain is that this 660 Tour currently has less than 2 miles on your odometer, and based on the images, it looks like no one has ever ridden it. Manufactured in 2001, the documentation for this unit is associated with the VIN: SNZ6TE20327506700.

The seller bought it in Los Angeles approximately 10 years ago and states that: “New oil and filter, new tires, new battery and coolant in the last six months. The overflow tank line splits where it meets the radiator cap boss, very simple solution. Starts and runs fine, I confirmed it works with a short test drive.”

Dream bikes for sale: MuZ Skorpion 660 Tour from 2001 in NOS condition

The motorcycle is also in strict series. While it has some scratches on the top of the fuel tank, it looks really good. It is equipped with Dunlop Sportmax tires with date codes 4022 and 4122, and the sale includes two keys, owner’s manual and schematics.

It is currently located in Los Angeles Californiaalthough if we want to bid to try to get it we will have to access the direct link of the online advertisement that Iconic Motorbikes has created on its official website by clicking here.

Dream bikes for sale: MuZ Skorpion 660 Tour from 2001 in NOS condition

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