Are new Tiger, Thruxton and Speedmaster coming? Triumph is already working on more models of its 400 cc range

The new one Triumph’s 400cc range It has been a resounding success since the day it was officially launched on the market. The new Triumph Speed ​​400 and Scrambler 400

In our recent test of these two Modern Classics At Triumph we were able to see first-hand the excellent work carried out by the British in association with the Indian giant Bajaj. If we add to this a tight sales price, the end result is a truly tempting product for current A2 license holders.

Triumph’s future 400cc range: one new model per year

The news about the current Triumph’s 400cc range has recently jumped after an interview with the CEO of Bajaj Auto, Rajiv Bajaj. As we have learned from the colleagues at Ride Apart, they have offered some important details about the new features that we can expect within this range in the coming years.

To put all this in context, it would be good to remember how in recent months there have been different news items related to the topic, where we have also seen several renderings by Pratyush Routin which he shaped possible future models of this new Triumph’s 400cc range.

Triumph plans to expand its current 400 cc range in the short and medium term

In them the Indian virtual artist has offered us his particular vision of how you can become the future Triumph Speedmaster 400, Thruxton 400 or Tiger 400. In all of them the platform released precisely in the new ones would be used. Speed ​​400 and Scrambler 400where its 398 cc liquid-cooled 4-valve DOHC single-cylinder engine stands out.

Rajiv Bajaj, general director of the Indian business group, has spoken about all this. According to him, nothing less than 20,000 copies per quarter of the new Speed ​​400 and the Scrambler 400

Triumph plans to expand its current 400 cc range in the short and medium term

Likewise, he has confirmed that for now his company is not considering the option of developing new models of greater displacement for Triumph. However, he did mention the intention on the part of both brands to develop at least one new model per year, for the next three, within Triumph’s 400cc range.

Bajaj comments: “I support the statement you are referring to that each year there should be at least one, not just one, different new Triumph motorcycle focused on the 400cc displacement engine. And it will surely be there. We are expecting a new motorcycle this year. And in fact, at least for the next three years, there are several products in development right now.”

Triumph plans to expand its current 400 cc range in the short and medium term

Does this mean that there will be a Tiger 400, Speedmaster 400, Thruxton 400, Daytona 400 or Bonneville 400? Well, we don’t know for sure which models will be chosen by Triumph to continue expanding its 400 cc range, but there will surely be news in this regard in the coming months.

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