New KTM Rally and Super Adventure 1390… And prototype of a 1490! spy photos of all

The next KTM Rally and Super Adventure 1390 They seem closer than ever. At least that is the feeling we have after seeing several images of different test mules, which have been shared directly by Cycle World colleagues. In them you can clearly see several prototypes that match the next generations of models from the Austrian brand.

In addition, there is a third test mule that makes us think about the possibility that KTM is also in full development of a 1490 variant within its future range. In any case, the arrival of the next KTM Rally and Super Adventure 1390 It seems more logical, at least in the short term.

KTM Rally and Super Adventure 1390 2025

The name “1390” is currently used only on the new generation Super Duke. Logic invites us to believe that, sooner rather than later, this will also be part of the expected KTM Rally and Super Adventure 1390. If we talk about the Rally version, it is clear that the brand is committed to a totally Dakar image, as the photographs we show you attest.

In the first instance, the KTM Rally and Super Adventure 1390 They would share the main elements. This results in the use of the same engine and chassis. However, this Offroad version would have specific wheels and tires, greater suspension travel, a raised front fender or a front dominated by a screen in an almost completely vertical position.

New KTM Rally and Super Adventure 1390 in sight, several test mules confirm it

The seat shown on the test mule reflects a one-piece design, with almost no gap between both seats. Likewise, the lines that make up its silhouette show us a sharper image than the one shown by the Super Adventure, perhaps seeking a more compact package that facilitates maneuvers in Offroad driving.

Finally, highlight the instrument panel that can be seen from a rear view. In this case placed in a vertical position on an anchor that probably allows regulation, and the addition of other information elements such as a roadbook or an independent navigation system.

New KTM Rally and Super Adventure 1390 in sight, several test mules confirm it

For its part, the future KTM 1390 Super Aventure S inherits many of the components that currently equip the 1290 version. The brand focuses on aesthetic changes, with a body with more angular shapes or the incorporation of lighting equipment in the line of design that shows the new models that are arriving to the current range.

Likewise, the radar system is now anchored under the headlight, while the headlight elements responsible for cornering lighting are integrated into the sides of the system itself. Likewise, the fuel tank, in relation to these new design features, seems less voluminous (at least visually) than the one used by the Super Adventure 1290.

New KTM Rally and Super Adventure 1390 in sight, several test mules confirm it

New KTM 1490 Super Adventure?

Finally, along with these more than probable KTM Rally and Super Adventure 1390 images of a test mule have been leaked that Cycle World has named as a possible 1490 Super Adventure. It highlights the use of 17” wheels on both axles or the use of a new swing arm. The exhaust system is perceived as a temporary element, both due to its shapes and the finish it displays.

Some details that reveal that we could be looking at the next KTM 1490 Super Aventure are, for example, the instrument panel anchored in a voluminous casing, not seen so far in any other test mule of the brand, and the rear box placed on the luggage rack.

New KTM Rally and Super Adventure 1390 in sight, several test mules confirm it

It is likely that within the latter there will be some electronic switchboard in charge of collecting all the essential data for the subsequent development of a new mechanism. In any case, as with the aforementioned KTM Rally and Super Adventure 1390this version 1490 would still be in a development phase that may entail different relevant changes with a view to a final model.

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