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Try Svartpilen 801: modern, different and with good features

Husqvarna recently launched its renewed Vitpilen and Svartpilen in 400 and 125 cc versions, with an improved design and many technological innovations. Now see this light Svartpilen 801 which, unlike its predecessor (Svartpilen 701, single-cylinder) uses a two-cylinder in-line engine which adapts much more to the current trend for medium-high displacement nakeds that we see arriving on the market lately.

The Svartpilen 801 becomes the largest naked of the Swedish brand and combines (in a very effective and balanced way) a cutting-edge design, agility on the road and features that give it a very high fun factor. It also includes state-of-the-art electronics and a series of driving aids that make the driving experience even more useful and fun.

To top the cake, Husqvarna has not skimped on the components and materials in the making of its flagship road bike and the result is a user experience. premium which does not disappoint, although it comes with a couple “sophistication” price tag that can be increased with some extras.

Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 test: Description and equipment

Completely renewed for 2024, the Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 inherits little more than the spirit of its single-cylinder predecessor the Svartpilen 701 and is presented practically as a motorcycle new from scratch. However, it maintains a design that, without repeating itself, somehow speaks the same language that made the Svartpilen (and Vitpilen 701) motorcycles with a groundbreaking image at the time.

On this occasion Husqvarna wants to imbue its 801 with a certain scrambler DNA (more like flat track), although I don't know if it succeeds, since its 17-inch wheels on both axles and the suspension travel will make it a 100% motorcycle. of road… and what a road bike!

With 181kg of weight, the Svartpilen is articulated around a modern tubular steel chassis that presents a great balance between rigidity and flexibility and that is anchored to the engine so that it becomes an active part of it. This results in a low center of gravity, greater ground clearance and an accessible seat height that is at 820mm ground. The subframe is made of cast aluminum and integrates attractive air intakes, as it also hides the intake box inside.

The engine is the well-known 799cc LC8c, with double camshafts and two liquid-cooled in-line cylinders. It is also mounted on the KTM Duke 790 and 790 Adventure and in the case of the Svartpilen 801 The maximum power is 105 HP at 9,250 rpm and the maximum torque is 87 Nm at 8,000 revolutions.. It is expected that a 95 HP version will soon be released, which would then be limitable for the A2 license. This engine is very smooth and lively while maintaining fairly low consumption. The deposit has 14 liters capacity, double that of the 701.

Equipped with anti-rebound clutch and quick up and down shift, WP Apex suspension with bars 43mm thick and 140mm fork travel and a monoshock rear with 150 mm of travel. The fork is adjustable in compression and extension through knobs on the bottles, which instead of having 25 very subtle clicks, implement only 5 clicks, but with a coarser grain. This way it is faster to change the suspension setting and it is more noticeable when we do it. The shock absorber is also adjustable in rebound and preload, requiring the use of tools for the latter.

The wheels are 17 inches on both axles and they have 5-spoke alloy wheels, with Pirelli MT60 RS tires that, despite being eminently asphalt, add to the flat track look of the Svartpilen 801 by presenting a pattern with “a little bit of lugs”. The lighting is full LED, with a minimalist but very recognizable air, especially for that round headlight that Husqvarna also includes in the Norden 901 and that takes on great prominence in the Svartpilen, presiding over a compact body with intelligent lines and quality finishes. in black, gray and other dark matte tones. The seat divided by the bridge of the subframe is finished in synthetic materials that resemble suede leather.

The very present electronics On the Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 it includes: Traction Control, ABS (both sensitive to inclination) and three default driving modes (Street, Rain and Sport). The Dynamic package (optional) includes anti-wheelie, cruise control and Engine Brake Regulation (MSR), which helps prevent stalling during strong deceleration in low grip situations. Also includes a fourth driving mode Dynamic that allows you to customize all parameters of driving separately: power delivery, level of intervention of electronic aids… etc.

The brakes are provided by the manufacturer. J.Juan and include 4-piston radial-mount front calipers which act on two 300 mm diameter discs and a 240 mm disc bitten by a two-piston floating caliper at the rear. The ABS system is from Bosch and has a Supermoto mode which deactivates it only on the rear wheel.

The driving position is crowned by a 5” TFT screen with serial connectivity. Through an app, we can enjoy turn-by-turn navigation and control music and phone calls.

Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 test: Ergonomics and daily use

The Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 is surprisingly spacious And in my opinion, it corroborates a trend in naked motorcycles that I have been observing lately and that is that they are beginning to accommodate taller riders. In my case, since I am 186 cm tall, I used to find the position on motorcycles in this segment uncomfortable. But I'm finding more and more upright postures, higher handlebars and more legroom, which is exactly what I notice on this Svartpilen 801.

The foot controls are just below the hips, in a vertical line and my knees are not too bent. I have one comfortable leg position and there is enough free space under the main volumes of the tank so as not to touch it with your knees at any time. He handlebar is wide and high and it allows me to ride upright when crossing a town or when I don't want such an attacking position, perhaps on a placid straight line in a transition section. In this case there is no need to be loaded on the front axle or get tired of the arms and probably also the lumbar and the position that the 801 allows us is very relaxed.

I think the ergonomics are very well thought out and the 801 meets that trend of high handlebars and relaxed legs. The seat is 820 mm from the ground, which seems very balanced to me for this motorcycle and the audience it is aimed at, being accessible but at the same time without detracting from the main line of the design. The seat cushion itself is not very comfortable, although it is very pretty and integrates very well into the line of the motorcycle. We could say that the seat complies more with form than function, because the minimalist design slightly harms comfort.

Of course I'm not talking about aerodynamic protection, because it is neither there nor expected. Although in general terms I want conclude that it is a comfortable motorcycle, mainly due to posture, and that it is only at the end of very long days that a little fatigue appears in the butt. It's also one of the few nakeds in which I look good aesthetically, not perched like a gorilla on a tricycle in a circus ring.

Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 test: Road sensations

Before delving into the road behavior of the Svartpilen 801, I would like to make a clarification regarding its supposed off-road capabilities, since Husqvarna still wants us to believe that the Svartpilen is a scrambler. There is no reason to shout to the sky, because marketing is like that, but commenting that The bike has absolutely no off-road capability. observable. It has 17-inch wheels, the suspension travel is insufficient and the wheels are alloy. Although I am sure that this clarification is superfluous, in the same way it remains here so that it is not said.

What must also be said is that The Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 goes like a demon on the road. It is a motorcycle that is very light (with 181 kg dry) and 17” wheels on both axles. It is very easy to change direction, it enters curves with ease and maintains the line with aplomb. The chained turns occur almost without realizing itwith fantastic lightness, partly thanks to the good workmanship of the chassis and partly also thanks to the wide handlebars that allow commands to be issued to the front axle with precision.

Something that characterizes this Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 is that it is very usable. Although it offers electrifying performance: with a lot of power, reactive suspensions and great braking capacity; The set is packaged in such a way that it is very easy to use. It is very easy to get hold of it, understand it, have fun and go fast with great safety, with peace of mind as well as knowing that electronics cover us if we make a mistake or encounter (God forbid) some unforeseen event on the road.

The WP Apex suspensions work at a high level and are fully adjustable. In this version, Husqvarna engineers have decided to thicken the grain of intervention that the actuators exert on the bottles. What I mean is that instead of having 25 clicks that regulate compression and rebound in small steps, in Husqvarna they have gone to having only 5 with larger steps, although the range of action remains the same. In this way the Adjusting the suspension can be done very quickly and comfortably. because it is done through handles on the bottles, which are manipulated without tools.

We started the day with compression and rebound in setting number 3 and they seemed a bit soft to me in the first stages. Especially since the pace of the test was very high and on some undulations of the devilish secondary roads we traveled, I had to tread carefully to maintain the line (and I mean undulations, not small potholes or broken asphalt). One more click during the morning (both in compression and extension) and another after lunch and I found some suspensions that certainly vary a lot and that adapted without problem to my weight (remember 100kg) and the pace of the test, that filter very well and that act commendably in various situations.

The braking works very well and I liked it a lot. But I understand that there are those who may find the touch a little soft (spongy) and despite having a magnificent set of J.Juan brakes with 4-piston radial calipersIt is true that in the case of the Svartpilen, Husqvarna has installed somewhat soft pads. They have done it consciously because they wanted to offer a manageable touch. If someone is looking for that sportier, quicker and stronger bite, they can simply change the pads. But in short, the braking is strong, effective and manageable without the dryness of more sporty brakes.

In general the Svartpilen 801 presents a dynamic behavior more than outstanding, excellent I would say. It is extremely fun in curves, especially on ratty roads, where the whole thing works perfectly. The chassis involves the engine as an active element, which provides rigidity and makes the suspension work very directly. The result is a very reactive bike that goes like a line-shooter in fast corners and folds like a reed in the wind in linked turns.

I am convinced that the dynamic behavior of this Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 cannot disappoint anyone and if you like the bike statically, the design, the style and the price suits you, I am sure that on the way you will fall in love.

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