the strange case of the “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” roadster

The BMW F 900 R It is one of the most modern, evolved, technological and safe roadsters on the market. There is no doubt about that. In fact, the Germans boast: “The Dynamic Roadster for pure driving pleasure. Embodies freedom and modern lifestyle”.

On an emotional level, its sporty and aggressive design is clearly reflected in its impressive performance, both in engine power (105 HP), as in pair and sound. In addition, it has enormous versatility, proving to be an ideal machine for daily use and offering ergonomics that make it F 900 R an attractive motorcycle for both sporty riders and beginners. In fact, a version is available for the A2 license.

As a fact, the high-torque two-cylinder in-line engine of the F 900 R It offers 87 Nm between 4,500 and 8,500 rpm. That is, right in the speed range in which the power of the mechanical heart is most enjoyed. The F 900 R responds precisely and directly.

Aesthetically, the front of the motorcycle features an aggressive design. The headlights and controls are compactly mounted on the top of the handlebars. On the other hand, the fuel tank is located at the front, guaranteeing optimal weight distribution and a short rear. Additionally, the compact lower exhaust highlights its bold aesthetics.

BMW F 900 R 2024

The BMW F 900 R is suitable for both novice users and experienced drivers.

It is a motorcycle that comes loaded with high-quality equipment as standard and, above all, is sold at a fairly reasonable price for what it includes from the factory. The ultimate roadster bmw It comes with the Shift Assistant Pro system, through which the clutch can be activated without having to operate it and with almost no interruptions in traction. All to achieve greater dynamism and also more comfort by reducing the effort on the clutch hand.

It also includes self-adaptive cornering light as standard. With this system, the lighting of the F 900 R It turns on automatically from an inclination of 7º. In addition, this full LED lighting, separate from the main headlight, provides optimal lighting inside the curve. The objective is to achieve more comfort and safety in each curve.

BMW F 900 R 2024

The driving modes (rain and road) allow you to fully enjoy each curve and straight, including safety assistance systems such as ABS Pro, DTC, DBC and MSR. DBC improves safety when braking, while the new MSR prevents the rear wheel from spinning or shaking during acceleration or sudden gear changes. The Dynamic ESA electronic suspension (optional) combines sporty dynamics with comfort, offering a pleasant driving experience. But also very effective and dynamic when necessary.

Of course, optionally, the BMW F 900 R It can be loaded with an electronic package, as we mentioned at the beginning, of the highest level and that its competitors cannot reach. With this equipment, the German roadster is transformed into a truly emotional and sporty naked. We are talking about Headlight Pro, Driving Modes Pro (includes ABS Pro, HSC Pro, DTC, DBC), Dynamic ESA (electronic suspension), Keyless Ride, Intelligent Emergency Call and RDC (tire pressure control).

Lastly, the price. The BMW F 900 R starts with a lot of equipment from 9,750 euros. A price, without a doubt, quite reasonable for everything it offers.

BMW F 900 R 2024

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