Yamaha R7M in sight? Some patents show that they could be preparing a new, more powerful version

Yamaha is one of the brands that is leading the change in sports motorcycles. A good example of this is the Yamaha R7, which came as an intermediate step between the R3 and the now defunct R6. A sports bike, yes, but with much more versatile use than the R6 and, of course, the Yamaha R1.

And now that we know that there is an R9 in sight and that it will be the replacement for the R1, the names of Iwata's sports shoes will go in order from smallest to largest. But this is not what really matters at this moment, but the fact that despite only being on the market since 2022, the Yamaha R7 will face a first major update.

As the colleagues at Motorycle.com have revealed, there are more significant changes than we might think when the designs are superimposed with the 2024 Yamaha R7. Because at first glance many changes are not visible, but having the reference is when we can see that although there are parts that are going to remain almost unchanged, others will face an evolution.

Many of the changes to the new Yamaha R7 will be subject to the new radiator that it will incorporate, which in turn will lead to changes on the side of the motorcycle, where the fairing will include new openings. These two changes refer only to cooling, and that is when you have to ask the reason.

A Yamaha R7M with more power?

And the Yamaha R7 does not have an overheating problem with its current engine and performance. Furthermore, by regulation, they could choose to participate in competition and permanently replace the R6, but the performance of the twin-cylinder engine is far from what is needed in racing. So it is possible that these patents also have to do with a second step in which the engine gains performance and, therefore, needs greater cooling.

The new radiator is behind the changes

As always happens with patents, the fact that we know them does not mean that we will see them on the street and even less so if we focus on those conditions that give them meaning (the increase in performance).

In any case and given the connection that Yamaha has always had with the competition, it would be strange for them to leave the competition without a plan B and enhance the R7, even if it is only in one version it sounds like that plan.

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