This is probably the largest collection of Honda ATCs on the planet

There are truly incredible collections of motorcycles. Perhaps like the case of our protagonist today, and the enormous amount of Honda ATC that he treasures in his barn. That is none other than Preston Frasier, from the YouTube channel ThisOldTrike, a fan of the model who admits that “My goal is to acquire one of every year, model and color of three-wheeler that Honda has ever made, and have a good example of each.”

The author of the video that shows us this incredible collection of Honda ATC is Gavin Carlson, and for those who do not yet know him, we advise you to visit the Cboys YouTube channel, where he interacts in the videos where some three-wheeled jalopy is the protagonist.

Lots of Honda ATC and fun for a tube

It's clear that Preston is passionate about Honda ATCs and anything with three wheels. What Carlson does not expect is to find a collection of such magnitude upon his arrival. Because as we can see at the beginning of the video, its protagonists initially enter a kind of garage where there are dozens of ATCs everywhere.

However, the biggest surprise comes when they access the back of it, and that's where Carlson's eyes widen. There is Honda ATC everywhere, but also ATV's of all kinds and countless spare parts. According to Preston, a local widow wanted to clean out her garage and it happened to be full of copies of ATC. As you can imagine, she couldn't resist and she took them all.

But this is not about piling up junk to collect dust. Preston enjoys as much as he can with his precious Honda ATCso the next morning they go out for a walk at the controls of a Honda 250SX, 350X and a 450R. As the Ride Apart colleagues explain well, the two small trikes follow the ATV without problems, even on very steep climbs.

To put the cherry on top of a day full of fun, the protagonists of this story place a Honda 200M 1984 a specific lift kit with a front tire shod with a motocultor wheel. Carlson does his thing with him and even ends up rolling on the ground when he tries to do a “wheelie” at the end of the video.

This is probably the largest collection of Honda ATCs on the planet

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