Oberdan Bezzi “giving ideas” to Milwaukee bosses

No one has any doubt that Oberdan Bezzi is one of those authorized voices when it comes to offering us his ideas of what a future motorcycle model could be like. Now he surprises us again with what is his particular vision of a possible scale Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250, which he has named under the acronym 443 Pan Asia.

It is clear that, as it has oriented its commercial and strategic policy, the American firm will hopefully end up offering products very similar to this one from now on. 443 Pan Asia. Among other things because it has already debuted in the Asian markets with the new Harley-Davidson X440 and Hero Motorcrop recently launched the new Mavrick 440, the result of the collaboration of both companies.

Harley-Davidson 443 Pan Asia: A “low cost” Pan America

But if there is currently a segment that is gaining followers at times in almost most of the planet, it is without a doubt that of adventure type frames. No matter the displacement in which we operate, in each category we find a wide portfolio of models developed under this design criterion.

The 443 Pan Asia Oberdan faithfully follows the precepts that must be part of a mount of this type. Radial type tires, long-travel suspensions, a comfortable seat for two people or a front dome with a large surface area are part of these essential features.

Harley-Davidson 443 Pan Asia: Oberdan Bezzi "giving ideas" to the bosses of Milwaukee

Furthermore, Bezzi's virtual design adopts shapes similar to those offered by the Pan America 1250, although using simpler and cheaper elements that do fit into a motorcycle of this type and displacement.

We are referring to using lateral shock absorbers, instead of a central system, a single brake disc on the front or conventional tires more oriented towards asphalt than off-road practice.

On the other hand, on a mechanical level, everything suggests that the 443 Pan Asia would use the engine used in the aforementioned X440 and Mavrick. We talk about 440cc TorqX single cylinder air-cooled and powered by an electronic injection system, associated with a six-speed gearbox.

Harley-Davidson 443 Pan Asia: Oberdan Bezzi "giving ideas" to the bosses of Milwaukee

With some internal dimensions 79.6mm x 88.4mmdeclares a maximum power of 27 HP at 6,000 rpm and 36 Nm of torque at 4,000 revolutions. Although they are discrete figures, these are within the parameters offered by other similar models by concept and philosophy within the very large Asian market.

It remains to be seen if Harley-Davidson's main offices agree with the design of this 443 Pan Asia and they are launching the development of a similar model in the coming months. We can also wonder if Harley really isn't already working on a mount of this type in collaboration with its Asian partners… We will know soon.

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