Ford could manufacture a new SUV at its Valencia factory

For some time now there has been talk about the continuity of the Ford plant in Almussafes, Valencia. In recent years, some of the models that were manufactured there have been withdrawn and this has raised doubts. However, the oval signature is consideringproduce a new SUV in these facilities, something that could ensure its future. Although it is not confirmed, it seems like a possibility very close to becoming a reality and would be great news for the national industry.

The new model would serve to maintain sufficient workload in this factory that currently employs 4,800 people and which has already suffered quite a few layoffs in recent times. After models such as the Ford Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy were stopped; They only survived with the newly renovated Kuga. Over the next few weeks This issue, which is being supported by the majority union in Almussafes (UGT) and received with open hands by the Government, will be resolved.

It is influential that Ford has been one of the great beneficiaries of the PERTE VEC in Spain. They have been awarded 37.6 million euros of aid to create a battery assembly line at the Almussafes factory and have also requested aid for the electric vehicle value chain. The situation is not being easy, since in recent times they have faced a template resizing with an ERE that has affected 1,124 workers.

It is not yet known what model it will be, but everything indicates that it will be something completely new and that will have hybrid technology. In this regard, it helps that some manufacturers have slightly slowed their electrification process due to the response in some markets. Starting in 2025, it was also stated that fully electric vehicles would arrive at the Valencian plant thanks to the new specific platformalthough that decision has been temporarily postponed, like the rest that has to do with the American brand's investments.

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