This steam motorcycle is neither ecological nor practical, but you will want it as soon as you see the video

The steam engine changed the world and evolved humanity like never before seen. Many inventions were made around that idea and, for some reason, the steam motorcycle didn't quite fit. There were trains, cars, turbines that generated electricity… and all of these inventions were more successful than the steam motorcycle. If you were wondering why, maybe now you understand.

Let's go ahead and say that this invention in itself is quite ingenious in the best of the senses and that it has a formidable job behind it. Even so, it comes face to face with the b side of steam-powered devices and that is that somewhere you have to carry the water that, after being heated, provides the energy needed to move.

The solution found in general terms is quite interesting and is that it involves dispensing with a boiler as such but rather the heat source is a gas burner that heats the water in the 27 liter tank that goes in the area where we would find the engine in a regular motorcycle. This makes the steam motorcycle more compact and, in addition, somewhat more ecological by not burning coal.

A steam motorcycle with the rattle and whistle of the train

But the best of all is that once the creator makes sure that the nut that seals the water tank is perfectly sealed, the motorcycle starts up with the typical sound of a steam train engine with its cloud of white steam included.

The power developed by this steam motorcycle, which we do not know, is enough to be able to move the assembly and it also seems that the accelerator has a function to accelerate. Believe it or not, in some other recent inventions that we have seen that was not the case.

We can also clearly see the vibrations generated by the operation of the motorcycle and that should not be comfortable or easy at all when driving. Still, it's not the important thing, because once you hear the train whistle on a motorcycle, everything else doesn't matter, right?

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