QJMotor updates the SRT 700. This is what it will look like now and these are the changes it will incorporate

QJMotor is already preparing the update of its current SRT 700, the latter presented at the end of last year as a 2024 model. However, the powerful Chinese firm has shown a new variant of its well-known ADV during the recently held Beijing Motorcycle Show. The most curious thing about this novelty is undoubtedly the certain similarity that its front adopts with the new V-Strom 800 from Suzuki.

It is not something that surprises us, at all, at this point in the film. On many occasions, Asian manufacturers are “inspired” by models developed in other parts of the world. This is the case of this SRT 700, that apart from the aesthetic changes it presents, it seems that there will not be too many variations in the rest of the sections that make it up.

QJMotor SRT 700 2025 in detail

Initially, we must classify the new QJMotor SRT 700 as a 2025 model, since its current version was presented as a 2024 edition. In any case, it is very likely that the renewed trail variant of the Asian firm will end up being marketed sooner in its native country. It is also possible that, after passing through EICMA 2024will end up in European dealerships before the end of this year.

Returning to its renewed front, there is no doubt that the QJMotor design team has taken the current V-Strom 800 as a reference. To do this, like this one, it is equipped with a lighting system made up of two overlapping optics. This achieves a more compact image that is combined with a redesigned tank and new radiator side covers.

The SRT 700 "japanizes" visually for the next season

According to what our colleagues at Motorrad Online say, it seems that there will be no changes to the platform that this bike mounts. SRT 700. This means that the two main elements that make it up, engine and chassis, will remain unchanged. Also the suspension team or the braking, where Marzocchi and Brembo do their bit, at least in the versions that are marketed in Spain.

Perhaps a higher level of equipment will be included with a TFT screen equipped with even more functions and connectivity. The rest of the elements that are currently offered as standard, such as Full LED lighting, heated grips and seat, or rear suitcase and top case, will continue to be included in the standard rate. It is not clear if at the same price that the set is offered at this time, 7,793 euros.

The SRT 700 "japanizes" visually for the next season

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