Retro motorcycle for the A2 for less than 6,000 euros

A couple of years ago, our friend Manuel was going to get started with this motorcycle thing with the 125. He was looking for a retro-style motorcycle and was hesitating between the Yamaha XSR 125 and the Zontes G1. We explained the main characteristics of each of them and he finally decided on the Yamaha. Now, some time later, he is going to make the jump to the A2 and contact us again through our MotoGuía office, because he is looking to continue with that retro aesthetic that has given him such good times in recent years.

As was the case then, Manuel is clear and goes straight to the point. He has 6,000 euros as a budget limit, he wants a retro aesthetic and he is really interested in either the Triumph 400 or the Zontes GK 350. He admits to us that, although the 125 has been great for him, it lacks that spark at 90 or 100 which logically an eighth of a liter and 15 HP motorcycle does not have.

Also, and this is a clue for Yamaha that should pay him if it ever reaches production, he tells us that an XSR 300 would be his ideal bike. And seeing that Yamaha has the engine from the MT-03 and the R3, we must admit that what Manuel tells us does not seem crazy to us. Of course, reality is what it is and for now Yamaha has the But it is about 2,500 euros over budget.

So let's go back to the options that were proposed to us, which are the Triumph Speed ​​400 and Scrambler 400 British manufacturer. Once developed in England, they are produced in India under European standards. Perhaps this manufacturing beyond our borders is what allows both to have very competitive prices, with the Speed ​​being a little cheaper. Its 40 HP are intended to make its users enjoy.

In our test we were able to enjoy both widely and appreciate their similarities and differences because the engine, swingarm and tank are the same, but the chassis and subframe are different and this is noticeable in the behavior. In any case, they are two ideal motorcycles with a good level of chassis, and with elements such as the slipper clutch that make life easier.

On the other hand, we find the Zontes GK 350, a neo-retro motorcycle that we have also tested and that also gave us very good feelings. Furthermore, in its favor it has the always important issue of price, and one of its most important assets is the quality-price ratio. Aesthetically speaking, it is cared for in detail, but the ergonomics, the performance of the engine, the amount of equipment it comes with as standard and how fun it was in the test make it a more than interesting option.

It is difficult to choose a retro motorcycle over the other two options

And this is where history repeats itself. At the time we told Manuel that the two options that he had proposed to us were good and interesting and that he would not be wrong, that the best thing was that he could try both himself and decide.

Well, it's not that we don't want to get wet and let's go easy, it's that there are two options (three counting the two Triumphs) so good that only the personal details that each one can take into account will mark the final decision. It would not be fair to choose one of the three and leave the other two out of that choice, because they are high-level motorcycles, as there are also other rivals of these that we have not evaluated so as not to complicate the choice further.

The Zontes GK 350 is a great value for money option

What you can be sure of is that whatever motorcycle you choose, you will not regret it, because you will have a companion for a long time and with which you will not only cover your daily travel needs, but you will also be able to enjoy it on the highway. and road trips. You'll tell us!

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