“SPx Project”, the vision of the future through the prism of Peugeot Motorcycles

In 1971, France’s cultural and social horizon was in turmoil following the aftermath of May ’68, and society as a whole oscillated between tradition and revolution. From that atmosphere of cultural revolution and social emancipation the Peugeot 103 would be born, a declaration of independence and a cry for freedom on two wheels.

The Peugeot 103 ushered in a new era of personal travel for everyone. And now, almost half a century later, the French brand presents SPx project trying to reinterpret the spirit of freedom of the Peugeot 103, this time with an electric motor, thus reaffirming the brand’s commitment to freedom and adaptability to the limitations of time.

SPx Project: Looking to the future

He SPx project It becomes the de facto way in which Peugeot Motocycles wants to influence the future (and social acceptance) of individual transportation. To do this, they allude to current issues in our society, such as urbanization, the transportation crisis or the well-known “ecological transition.”

He SPx project It does not provide a look into the future without turning its back on the past. In the words of Laurent LiltiProduct, Marketing and Communication Director of Peugeot Motocycles: “Whether powered by an internal combustion engine in 1971 or by an electric motor in 2024, the spirit of the Peugeot 103 remains a timeless emblem of freedom.”

"SPx Project"The vision of the future through the prism of Peugeot Motorcycles

Concludes: “He SPx project It embodies the idea that the pleasure of individual mobility can be allied with a collective consciousness. When cultural heritage and cutting-edge technology can be combined with pride and ingenuity, personal aspirations and collective responsibility are no longer necessarily mutually exclusive.”

Its design stands out, combining modernity and sustainability (aluminum chassis, light vehicle, limited number of parts, recycled materials) without neglecting the pleasure of driving, the freedom of individual transportation, affordability and collective responsibility.

"SPx Project"The vision of the future through the prism of Peugeot Motorcycles

He SPx project seeks a path where technology can be put at the service of society to satisfy broader imperatives, while preserving each individual’s desire for freedom.

In technical terms, the SPx project The low weight and geometry of the aluminum monocoque chassis promise exceptional agility, allowing for precise handling and instant responsiveness. As for the engine, the electric propulsion becomes the protagonist of the whole. Damien BassetPeugeot Motocycles Design Director declares:

"SPx Project"The vision of the future through the prism of Peugeot Motorcycles

“The 103 embodies the culmination of the evolution of the moped. Every aspect, from its design to its ergonomics, focused on functionality. For many, it represented his first motorcycle, his first experience of freedom.”

Concludes: “Today it has become an object of worship. Tomorrow, our goal is to design new expressions of freedom, while preserving the simple pleasure and modernity that characterize our brand.”

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