The 5 changes of the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 compared to the Himalayan 450

Royal Enfield keeps the accelerator full in 2024, with the sole intention of continuing to develop new models, like this Guerrilla 450, and offer its customers a wide range of products. Furthermore, it does so using the different platforms it currently has, in this case the recently released one for the new Himalayan 450.

That is why today we want to put into context the main differences between the imminent Guerrilla 450, which is expected to be officially presented in just a few weeks, and the Himalayan 450the versatile trail from the Indo-British brand that this season arrives completely renewed compared to the previous model.

The differences between the Guerrilla 450 and the Himalayan 450 in detail

General design

Without a doubt the general design of the new Guerrilla 450 It has little or nothing to do with the one shown by the Royal Enfield adventure variant. Although they share the structural part that makes up the chassis and mechanics, from then on the neo-roadster model completely stands out in aesthetic terms.

Furthermore, in an attempt to lower the price of this Guerrilla 450the brand has chosen to provide it with equipment one step below that offered on the Himalayan, presenting simpler elements such as a mixed, analogue-digital instrument panel, a one-piece seat or the non-adoption of a windshield Forward.

Model philosophy

Taking into account that Royal Enfield will position this Guerrilla 450 as a stepping stone to its new range of models, the brand's future roadster is shown as a versatile and simple mount, although equipped with everything necessary to satisfy our daily needs in each displacement.

The 5 changes of the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 compared to the Himalayan 450

On the other hand, Royal Enfield will have a wide range of accessories with which to improve those aspects that may seem scarce to us a priori. For example, its loading capacity with a side saddlebag kit, an adjustable front screen or a rear grill on which a top case can be anchored.

Cycle part

Perhaps the cycle part is one of the sections where the Guerrilla 450 stands out the most from its sister, the Himalayan 450. From the outset, Royal Enfield has chosen to develop a more conventional and less elaborate model than in the case of the adventure variant. Among other things because the new classic-cut naked is not designed for Offroad driving.

Therefore, we find that at the front the inverted fork used by the Himalayan 450 is dispensed with, giving way to a conventional type. The wheels in this case are 17” alloy and are shod with road tires. On the contrary, it will share the braking equipment or a dual-channel ABS system.

The 5 changes of the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 compared to the Himalayan 450

Driving position and ergonomics

The changes applied to the cycle part have a significant impact on both general ergonomics and the driving position. Both factors in turn clearly affect the philosophy of the model that shows a friendlier face for everyday use.

Whether on urban routes or on the open road, the new Guerrilla 450 should offer us a relaxed driving position that at the same time “shows its face” if we choose to go on the attack on our favorite curvy road. To do this, the footrests are set back and the handlebars are subtly tilted, maintaining the desired ergonomic balance at all times.

Final price

Based on the assumption that a Himalayan 450 costs between 285 thousand and 298 thousand rupees in India, according to the data offered by our colleagues at Rush Lane, it is expected that the base rate of the next Guerrilla 450 is set at around 230,000 rupees, about 2,555 euros at the current exchange rate.

The 5 changes of the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 compared to the Himalayan 450

This means that it would be below its adventure sister by about 50,000 rupees, or 20% cheaper, becoming the entry model to the new 450 range that Royal Enfield is already preparing and which is expected to continue presenting new models in the next few months.

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