the battle with the Yamaha R7 and Aprilia RS660 is served

In recent times we are seeing the rebirth of light sports cars, and the Suzuki GSX-8R is the Hamamatsu firm’s bet in this segment. And, logically, as a good sports car the intention is to end up measuring its rivals on the track, in this case especially the Yamaha R7 and the Aprilia RS660.

Well, we already know the first preparation of this machine, the Suzuki GSX-8R American Twin Cup that they have prepared for MotoAmérica in the Vision Wheel M4 ECSTAR Suzuki. With the decoration similar to that of the WEC, the feeling is that we are looking at an official motorcycle of the brand when, as we say, it is a preparation.

From the outset, the standard model is placed, as far as power is concerned, between the 100 HP of the Aprilia and the 73.4 of the Yamaha. In any case, this aspect is not so important because the regulations ensure equality between the different mechanics, and this difference in power in the series model does not have to translate into advantages or disadvantages depending on the motorcycle.

This is how the Suzuki GSX-8R American Twin Cup changes compared to its street sister

The first of the changes that were seen and that we talked about before is the aesthetic one. It’s not just a question of stickers. The fairing, although maintaining the line, becomes larger and creates a complete keel at the bottom. Likewise, the front and tail lose all the lights, indicators… And the screen grows to achieve greater aerodynamic protection.

Speaking of protection, but on the same motorcycle, anti-fall stops have been incorporated in addition to the brake protector. And as for the brakes, the standard caliper is maintained by regulation but the pump, hoses and discs (in addition to the pads for sure) have been changed.

Although it cannot be seen aesthetically, the front fork has been prepared and the rear shock absorber replaced. The Suzuki GSX-8R American Twin Cup maintains the original subframe and even gives the impression that it is made of plastic, something that logically does not happen with the entire exhaust line, although we can only appreciate the silencer and the disappearance of the catalyst.

In any case, the changes must have been much greater because the minimum weight limit of the bike for MotoAmerica is 153 kg, and since the original bike is 205 kg fully loaded, it is to be expected that there have been some preparations that are not appreciated, like the semi-handlebars.

Even so, there is no doubt that this Suzuki GSX-8R American Twin Cup is ready to compete and is surely as fast as its rivals, in addition to being a fun bike. And to go fast on the track you don’t need 200 HP, but rather knowing how to use what you have available.

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