The beastly BMW boxer in a Mini. This is the Mini R18 project, an almost perfect genesis

It is not the first time that we show you a conventional vehicle equipped with a motorcycle engine. But in the case of this “Mini R18 Project”, in addition to repeating this mechanical conjunction, its creators have managed to configure a really interesting little car, which was recently presented at the well-known Lyon Two Wheels Show.

Although the initial idea was to equip the engine of a BMW M 1000 RR, the Bavarian brand's marvelous twin-cylinder engine with 91 HP of power and 158 Nm of torque, maximum at 3,000 rpm, was finally chosen.

In any case, this Mini R18,work of Benjamindirector of the BMW BymyCAR Motoroad dealerships in Île-de-France, and Fabriceexpert technician at the Saint-Thibault-des-Vignes dealership, has exceeded any expectations for its creators.

Mini R18 project in detail

The idea began with the search for a classic Mini that was suitable for the project. Finally, they found two examples of the model that would serve as its basis. From here the first work on the car began, initially adapting a front subframe in order to later incorporate the mechanics.

Subsequently, all the necessary elements to form the suspension were attached to the front axle: transverse arms, shock absorbers and tie rods, as well as both wheels. With everything installed and calibrated, it was time to attach the engine and gearbox, although first the cradle had to be drilled to obtain the necessary space to carry out the operation.

Mini R18 Project: An almost perfect genesis

Likewise, the chassis was reinforced, a transmission and braking system adapted to the new configuration of the vehicle was created and a rear axle from a BMW 3 series was integrated. In addition, a cardan system adapted to the new configuration, essential to be able to transmit power to the ground efficiently.

Other modifications or works carried out on this Mini R18 Project would be:

  • Brake calipers from an Austin Metro Turbo, equipped with four pistons
  • Adaptation of a suitable fuel system for the new engine
  • Fuel tank of a BMW C400 installed in the trunk
  • Custom made stainless steel exhaust line and intake manifold
  • Specialized reprogramming of the DME box by Poivre Noir Performance
  • Design of a sequential shift system
  • Lighting system with elements from the BMW R 1250 GS, R18 and S 1000 RR
  • BMW R18 button panels, etc.

Mini R18 Project: An almost perfect genesis

After months of work and many head warm-ups, the Mini R18 Project It has become a reality and now its creators continue looking for ways to continue improving it based on small details. In the words of the team itself and in relation to the next steps to be taken, it would be:

“Adjustment of the rear shock absorbers, welds, reinforcements, as well as the adaptation of the front hood to the headlights. In addition, special attention will be paid to the development of the body to perfect the aesthetics of the vehicle.”

Mini R18 Project: An almost perfect genesis

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