The CFMoto 675 SR R Aspar is more than a tribute, it is a clear example of the motorcycle to come

CFMoto has just presented its three-cylinder sports car in Spain, the highly anticipated 675 SR R Aspar. It is clear that the Chinese with this motorcycle pay tribute to one of the teams, and rider, with the most tradition and history in the Spanish and international two-wheeled sports scene: the team Aspar. Be careful, because this motorcycle arrives in an exclusive limited edition.

CFMoto doesn't stop Very recently we told you that they had surprised the industry with the presentation of two new conceptual machines, the CFMoto 675 SR and 500SRat the Milan Motor Show at the end of 2023. We now know that production versions of these models are also on the way for 2024. And, finally, as we are telling you, the 675 SR R Asparequipped with the three-cylinder engine of the 675 SRhas been revealed to the specialized press.

This is the CFMoto 675 SR R Aspar

The CFMoto 675 SR R Aspar It maintains the sporty and radical design of the concept that we showed you not too long ago. And, furthermore, it has not lost its aggressive and competitive appearance. The body is painted in bright orange, white and black, and sports the Aspar team logo.

We already knew it, 675 SR R Aspar It is equipped with a three-cylinder mechanical heart independently developed by the Chinese brand. It has a displacement of 675 cc, a maximum power of more than 100 HP and a maximum torque of 67.5 Nm. This engine has a crankshaft angle arrangement of 120º and is equipped with an injection system developed by the German specialist bosch.

CFMoto 675 SR R Aspar 2024

CFMoto has not yet announced the price or the exact launch date of the 675 SR R Aspar. However, given the impulse of CFMoto in Europe, both the standard version, the 675 SRlike the special and limited edition, Aspar, should be officially released later this year. We will be attentive to the removal.

CFMoto 675 SR R Aspar 2024

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