the failure in the system that almost worked out

The price of oil is low, the price of gasoline is sky-high, so who doesn’t benefit from a little free gasoline? If you have been lucky, you will have been the subject of a promotion from a gas station for meeting certain requirements, for a new opening or for simple good luck.

The fact is that in Lincoln, Nebraska (United States), a promotion of this style was also carried out, but the ending was very different from what you might expect. And there was a failure in the update of the software that controlled the loyalty cards and promotions in November 2022, and the matter ended up getting very messy.

510 free gas refills

And this failure when refueling at unassisted pumps meant that the user could enter a demonstration area of ​​the system. And when you enter that demonstration area… free gas!

However, it was not a free refueling that alerted the owners of the gas station but the loss of hundreds of liters. Specifically, 7,413 gallons flew, which when transferred to our measurement system is neither more nor less than 28,061 liters consumed by the same person.

If you do a quick count of what your motorcycle or car consumes, you will see that it takes you a long time to consume that many liters, but the thing is that all the action occurred in a very short time in which it took, no more, no less, than 510 refuelings with that method.

That is to say, the woman protagonist of the story, who is 45 years old and whose name has not been revealed, not only had free gasoline for herself but also got it for third parties. Still, all good things come to an end and the police ended up finding her after she tried to sell her card.

In dollars it accounted for more than 27,000 losses

It is estimated that in the entire time that the card was in his possession, the cost of the operations amounted to 27,860.27 dollars, which with the current change to euros would be slightly less than 25,500 euros.

But, of course, you have to keep in mind that the price per liter of gasoline in the United States is lower, here this same scam with the lowest prices you can find these days would have been around 40,000 euros for free gasoline…

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