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This month April 2024, the firm KYMCO shook its country of origin, Taiwan, with the presentation of its new scooter named KYMCO Dollar. A true gem of Asian technology that aims to offer its owners, above all, fun.

It stands out for its ingenious folding rear seat, which hides a practical extendable luggage rack underneath. Thanks to its automatic start and stop system, and an 8-liter tank, we can expect a somewhat greater autonomy than other players on the market.

The heart of KYMCO Dollarits engine and chassis, are of the conventional type, that is, what we are used to before the massive arrival of medium-sized electric scooters.

With a power of 10.5 hp for the 125 cc model and 11.6 HP For the 150 cc, it promises more than decent performance in urban environments.

Kymco Dollar 2024

This is the KYMCO Dollar

The ample foot space of the KYMCO Dollar It is especially convenient, offering space to store shopping bags or even suitcases or backpacks. In addition, its modular seat provides versatility, with a folding cushion that reveals an extendable luggage rack, as we mentioned before. An ingenious solution that outperforms most conventional scooters.

Of course, KYMCO offers various luggage systems and bags as original accessories to meet the needs of each user.

Kymco Dollar 2024

This scooter comes equipped with two four-stroke engine options, the smaller 125 and the bigger brother with 150 cc, both air-cooled. In addition, it has modern features such as fuel injection, 4 valves and continuously variable transmission.

In addition, the automatic Start-Stop system promises notable fuel savings. As for the chassis, it follows a conventional construction with steel tubes, telescopic fork at the front and shock absorbers at the rear.

Kymco Dollar 2024

The equipment of the Fun Tech Scooter is modern but not excessive. LED lights, color LCD screens and a USB port are part of the standard package. Although it does not have a large screen for smartphone connectivity, KYMCO has chosen to maintain the balance between functionality and cost.

The main objective of KYMCO Dollar is to be attractive in both features and price. The top version, with 150 cc and ABS, is expected to cost around 2,900 euros in Taiwan and China, although it has generated controversy for its “too expensive” label.

For now, the price for Europe remains an unknown. As a 125cc scooter, the Fun Tech Scooter is classified as an asset for young riders, and can be ridden with the class A1 license for those over 16 years of age.

Kymco Dollar 2024

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