The Triumph TF 250-X takes a “scrub” and lands in dealerships

The debut of the Triumph TF 250-X in Spain it took place during the Adventure Experience in Barcelona, ​​where motocross fans have been lucky enough to witness its appearance firsthand. Accompanied by the legendary Ivan Cervantesfive-time Enduro World Champion, the British brand wanted to ensure its presence in local dealerships thanks to an exciting exhibition.

After a promising start to the season in different competitions, the Triumph TF 250-X It arrives to delight off-road enthusiasts and become the definitive tool for those who want to make the most of their passion for two wheels.

At the Rocco's Ranch complex, Hinckley's firm has left attendees at the Adventure Experience in Barcelona speechless, with a spectacular demonstration starring Ivan Cervantes. The pilot ambassador of triumph, has made the new roar and fly TF 250-X before the attentive gaze of all the lucky ones who gathered there.

This presentation marks a significant milestone: the arrival to the general Spanish public of the first marketable motocross motorcycle from Triumph. A gem that is already on display in official dealerships, and that will be available for testing starting next May.

Triumph TF 250-X 2024

What's new on the Triumph TF 250-X?

Designed for victory, the first motocross motorcycle from Triumph in the modern era has been fully developed by the brand, both in engine and chassis, offering a class-leading power-to-weight ratio and the most complete specification package ever launched in the ultra-competitive motocross bike segment. 250cc.

In fact, it has been conceived, developed and manufactured by the brand's expert engine and chassis teams, recognized worldwide and in close collaboration with elite drivers. As a result, the TF 250-X offers the best for all levels, from professionals to amateurs.

Triumph TF 250-X 2024

The ultra-compact and super-lightweight single-cylinder four-stroke engine provides smooth, controlled power delivery that builds quickly throughout the rev range. Advanced engine management and tuning options are complemented by the optional Wi-Fi module and the MX Tune Pro app, which allows each rider to select and modify from 10 available maps, access engine sensor information and perform diagnostics. live. All in real time through a programmable and controlled system.

The exclusive central spine aluminum frame, light but resistant thanks to its double cradle, has been designed to achieve the optimal balance between performance, weight and flexibility, adapting to different pilots and styles. Details such as hand welds, the hydroformed swingarm and the exclusive screws contribute to the low weight of the assembly and its durability in the most demanding conditions.

More information: Triumph already has a confirmed team for the 2024 AMA Supercross

Triumph TF 250-X 2024

As a culmination, the TF 250-X incorporates top quality components such as suspensions Kayababrakes Brembodiscs Galferaluminum wheels DIDtires Pirellihandlebar Pro-Taperinjection body Dell'Ortoswitchboard Athena, among others. Which add up to unmatched technical specifications for a production motorcycle in this category.

Without a doubt, this is a bold step for the Hinckley factory, which is venturing into a new and challenging segment, a challenge worthy of a legendary brand that carries a passion for engineering and competition in its DNA. A new era begins for the British manufacturer in specialized dealerships, where the TF 250-X It will be available starting next month for Triumph.

Triumph TF 250-X 2024

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