The Honda XR650L is still in Yankee dealerships three decades later

31 years later, Sling maintains the XR650L on sale in the US. In fact, for this year the Hamamatsu factory has announced only small aesthetic changes to its classic offroad mount. It’s not that they’ve gotten over their heads too much. This new version only comes in white and with two discreet blue and red stripes on the tank.

If you live there and are looking for a reliable motorcycle, with little technology and performance beyond any doubt, the XR 2024 is for you. But be careful, you will not be able to register this motorcycle in Europe. In fact, all of our restrictive environmental standards are passed through the exhaust liner. Nothing new.

Sling has just unveiled the new graphics that will adorn the XR650L in its 2024 version. If the other day we told you that in Argentina the Suzuki DR 650now, and also from the other side of the pond, we have learned that another field dinosaur is still alive.

So much so that, although structurally and mechanically it is the same motorcycle, you can buy it completely new at any official dealer. Furthermore, at a relatively affordable price for your pockets. The new one Honda XR650L 2024 It costs $6,999, that is, about 6,400 euros To the change.

Honda XR650L 2024

Since its debut in 1993, this motorcycle has been an emblem for Sling in its offroad segment, maintaining its essence over 31 years with few mechanical changes.

Its 644cc, air-cooled, SOHC single-cylinder engine is well known for its bomb-proof reliability. And as for his off-road abilities, his 21-inch front tire and 18-inch rear tire denote his radical adventurous spirit.

What is the 2024 Honda XR650L like?

The single-cylinder mechanical heart, as we never tire of repeating, is the same as in the model that comes to replace. Without any changes, this engine delivers 34 hp and 42 Nm of torque. This robust engine, with a diameter of 100 mm and a stroke of 82 mm, is fed by a 43.2 mm carburetor and has a five-speed transmission.

Logically, and continuing with the idea that less is more, the scoreboard of the XR650L it is enough “classic”. It includes a speedometer, tachometer, tripmeter, all analog, and some indicator lights. Nothing else.

Honda XR650L 2024

The chassis retains the same components as in previous models. The XR650L 2024 It has a long-travel suspension. In front, we find a fork Showa Telescopic with 43 mm bars, compression adjustment and 294 mm of travel.

At the rear, we find a shock absorber Showa Fully adjustable Pro-Link with 279 mm of travel. As for the braking system, it maintains the double-piston caliper with a 256 mm disc at the front and, at the rear, a single-piston caliper biting a 220 mm disc.

Honda XR650L 2024

The big and only difference this year is in the tank. The XR650L 2024 receives red and blue stripes on the tank, replacing the red and black stripes of the 2023 version. As we are seeing, for another year, the XR continues his legacy.

In an era dominated by high performance and advanced electronics, the XR650L It offers a simplicity that many pilots value. Yes, the analog engineering of this robust air-cooled motorcycle is very easy to enjoy.

Honda XR650L 2024

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