Toyota Professional: the range of commercials is more complete than ever

Although it may not seem like it, 15% of the vehicles sold in Spain are commercial. For many manufacturers they go quite unnoticed, but there are others that have increased their bet in recent years. Toyota Professional It is proof of this, as it has the largest family of commercials it has ever had and covers 100% of the market. Not only that, but also They intend to double their sales for the medium term. By 2027 they want to sell 20,000 units, something ambitious considering that they made around 10,300 sales in 2023.

The service for professional clients is somewhat different from the rest. Toyota has a network made up of 25 Professional Centres, which are specific dealers with special preparation for this type of vehicles. The differences are that they have extended hours (from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the earliest), there are express maintenance (in an hour and a half), preferential stock of some parts, replacement vehicles and service advisors. And, of course, the electrification is now very present in this complete range, with all models adding that option.

Toyota Proace City

The Toyota Proace City is the best-selling model in Japanese commercials. It is not surprising, since the compact segment accounts for almost half of the sales in this sector. Furthermore, with the latest update, it is a model very similar to any passenger car. By technology has evolved a lot and it also has all kinds of driving aids. There are traditional combustion versions with diesel as the flag, but the electric one is also added with up to 330 kilometers of autonomy thanks to the new 50 kWh capacity LFP battery and also the heat pump to manage energy more efficiently.

Toyota Proace

The Toyota Proace is the one that occupies the intermediate position, also with new features. Like its little sister, it incorporates new digital instrumentation and a 10.5-inch touch screen to delight users. Not to mention that the diesel range is really complete and that the electricity is expanded thanks to a second, larger battery to obtain up to 350 kilometers of autonomy. Not to mention its generous interior space or the fact that it has Smart Cargo available. In short, it is the most adaptable option that can give play.

Toyota Proace Max

Although the main novelty is the Toyota Proace Max, which is the model they were missing to complete the entire commercial offer. Is he larger vehicle and also the one that offers the most configurations. There are up to six closed options and two chassis cabs, with load capacities ranging from 10 to 17 cubic meters. The best sellers will be the L2-H2 and L3-H3, while the mechanical range It is quite complete. With the 2.2D diesel you can choose 120 HP, 140 HP and 180 HP; The latter being the only one available with automatic transmission. The electric variant has 270 HP and is linked to the 110 kWh battery, so it offers a range of 420 kilometers.

Toyota Hilux

Although pick-up They barely represent 6% of commercial sales, a practically residual amount in our country, the Toyota Hilux is already automotive history. The model has many generations behind it and comes with great new features. The main one is a version with ECO label thanks to a Mild Hybrid system that goes with the traditional diesel mechanics. It should also be mentioned the commitment to the Hilux GR Sport, which was updated to offer dynamic improvements in addition to the already known aesthetics.


They can’t be missing either adaptations of all these vehicles through the “Toyota Adapts” program. The peculiarity is that their cars are turnkey with all the modifications that the client requires. They are made on any of the previously mentioned models and some of the most popular are the open box, dump trucks, and transport for people with reduced mobility when we talk about those that are made in the factory. Then in the fields, using accessories, paneling, locks or shelves can be made. Finally, the program creates Isotherm on van or chassis, camper vehicles, workshop, van or special operations.

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