The latest in sets for Offroad practice

FLY Racingthe American brand of motorcycle equipment distributed by Bihr in our country, presents the Evolution DSTa new set developed for Offroad practice, offering a high level of fit and comfort.

Set Evolution DST It is described by the brand itself as “an ergonomic construction that allows maximum mobility at all times”. Under the motto “Inspired by racing, driven by adventure and designed for performance” The North American manufacturer has specific lines for all types of sports, with special attention to Motocross.

FLY Racing Evolution DST Offroad set in detail

Composed by t-shirt and pantsset Evolution DST It offers a professional fit, which significantly improves the final user experience. The shirt, for its part, features a multi-panel construction, to guarantee the aforementioned fit and to offer unbeatable performance.

In addition, it is made without seams in the armpits, with a single continuous panel of elastic mesh that goes from the sides to the cuffs, to avoid chafing and irritation in the most sensitive areas.

FLY Racing Evolution DST: The latest in sets for Offroad practice

Likewise, the back of the shirt includes a silicone print, to prevent it from moving and, therefore, possible snags. Maximum ventilation is guaranteed thanks to the laser perforations located in strategic areas of the shirt.

For extra comfort, it features multi-directional lycra panels on the neck and shoulders, which, in turn, offer high mobility. The latter is complemented by the design of the sleeves, based on the riding posture, for absolute comfort.

FLY Racing Evolution DST: The latest in sets for Offroad practice

On the other hand, the pants, made with HEX-Stretch fabric four-way, offers excellent mobility and great durability. It also incorporates heat protection leather panels secured with stitching. DuPont Kevlarlycra lining, for greater comfort and panel in the back area sewn directly to a light breathable mesh, to avoid pulling when changing position while driving.

Like the shirt, ventilation is ensured thanks to laser perforations located in key areas. This, added to the perfect fit it offers, makes it a must-have for Offroad lovers.

FLY Racing Evolution DST: The latest in sets for Offroad practice

Equipped with a BOA adjustment system, for a quick and on-the-go micro adjustment, an ergonomically preformed knee, which adapts to the protections, and an exclusive zipper locking system, for extra security.

The set, available in up to four color combinations, can be purchased in sizes ranging from S to 2XLin the case of the t-shirt, and from 28 to 38if we talk about the pants, for a total price of 279.90 euros.

More information and details through the official Bihr website.

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