The legendary Norton Hogslayer wakes up from a long slumber to roar again in the quarter mile

A name as mythical in the world of dragsters and racing as the Norton Hogslayer, could not remain forever only in the memory of the fans. That is why a group of fans have planned to bring it out of its long slumber. National Motorcycle Museumlocated in Solihull.

It has been on display there for approximately twenty years, as we have learned from MCN colleagues. Before that it became an intimidating track machine, in the 1970s, with American driver Tom 'TC' Christenson at the controls and engineer John Gregory in technical work. Then he managed to win several world titles.

The Norton Hogslayer is a true living racing legend

Now, in tribute to both, the Norton Hogslayer will emerge from its long slumber to be tuned and later compete in the British racing event Dragstalgiawhich takes place in Santa Pod from July 5 to 7.

Over the course of three days, mechanical monsters of all kinds pass through the mythical route and also compete in the different tests that are carried out in a straight line. Only vehicles from before 1980 can participate and we assure you that the show is guaranteed.

The Norton Hogslayer wakes up from a long slumber to roar again in the quarter mile

If on top of that they have the presence of the Norton Hogslayer, there is no doubt that the fun will be maximum. Regarding this, James Hewingdirector of the museum where the Hogslayer resides, comments that, when he received the request to remove the motorcycle from there, it seemed like a great idea: “If you can get it working again and ride it, that would be a real bonus!”

That is why after 20 years of stopping, the Norton Hogslayer It will be transferred to Hertfordshire to undergo a major tune-up. Then it will roar back onto the track in honor of the late Christenson (in 2023) and nonagenarian John Gregory. A nice way to bring back a true seventies dragster icon.

The Norton Hogslayer wakes up from a long slumber to roar again in the quarter mile

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