The Praga ZS 800 Carbon Edition is luxury and exclusivity. There are only 5 and they cost 100,000 euros

The Prague ZS 800 Carbon Edition has just seen the light. Yes, as you read it, Praguethe iconic Czech brand, has just unveiled a new variant of the ZS 800 which adds to its exclusive portfolio. The Carbon Edition comes to the market with a light weight of 142 kg, equipped with a 50 HP in-line twin-cylinder engine, cooled by air from the Kawasaki W 800.

By the way, of the Prague ZS 800, of which only 28 units will be produced, only 5 will have this finish. Furthermore, there are only 20 left to sell at a price that… we better leave it for last.

Let’s do some history. For those of you who don’t know it, this brand was founded, obviously, in Prague in 1907. It was one of the main manufacturers of motor vehicles in the first half of the 20th century, producing cars, trucks, buses, other commercial vehicles and also, for Of course, motorcycles.

After a period of inactivity since the 60s, Prague re-emerged in the 90s with Enduro sports motorcycles ED 250 and ED 610, although this adventure ended in 2003. The brand re-emerged in the luxury hypercar niche, introducing the Prague Bohema at the end of 2022, a model with a 700 HP biturbo V6 of origin nissan. This 4-wheeled gem, with a dry weight of less than 1,000 kg and limited to 89 units, was sold for 1.28 million euros each. Not bad.

Prague ZS 800 Carbon Edition

In February 2023, and as we told you at the time, Prague presented the ZS 800a modern and classic reinterpretation of the Prague BD 500 from 1928. Motorcycle designed by Jaroslav Frantisek Koch and which stood out for its single-cylinder four-stroke engine with double overhead camshafts (DOHC), producing 15 HP at 4,400 rpm. This model was produced until the mid-1930s and is now a highly sought after rarity by collectors. In fact, it is a true European unicorn.

What is the Praga ZS 800 Carbon Edition like?

The Prague ZS 800 Carbon Edition It features an air-cooled engine and drum brakes on both wheels, largely eschewing modern electronics and chassis technologies. This latest project to reinterpret the myth was led by Czech engineers Jan Zuzi and Radek Sebesta.

Prague ZS 800 Carbon Edition

The chassis of the ZS 800 It is made of chrome-molybdenum steel tubes, as is the front wheel swingarm. The wheels are custom made from lightweight carbon and the drum brakes are hydraulic and have a diameter of 200mm. The Prague It does not include ABS, but it complies with the European Union exemptions for small-production vehicles.

The mechanical heart, an in-line twin from the Kawasakihas an overhead camshaft, 4 valves per cylinder, a displacement of 773 cc, produces 50 HP and a maximum torque of 65 Nm. The exhaust system is ultralight and made of titanium. On the other hand, the aluminum fuel tank, with a capacity of 11.5 liters, helps reduce the total weight of this two-wheeled Czech jewel to 158 kilograms.

The ZS 800 It will begin to be delivered at the beginning of July, with an initial price of 86,000 euros more taxation. This month that we are ending, June 2024, Prague announced that there were still 20 units available, as of 91,000 euros. Of them, only 5 in black/gold carbon edition, the most exclusive, for only 98,800 euros. Small change.

Prague ZS 800 Carbon Edition

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