The SYM Symphony SR 125 is safer and more attractive than ever

SYM has launched a new version of the SYM Symphony SR 125with ABS. From now on, you can choose between the previous model with CBS combined braking system, or the new version that includes the brand's ABS. Continental. As for the rest of the technical characteristics, they remain unchanged.

He SYM Symphony SR 125 It has become the best-selling model of the Taiwanese firm SYM, and is a benchmark for urban mobility in Spain. Since its launch in 2009, this scooter has earned the trust of more than 30,000 customers, both individuals and professionals, thanks to its renowned quality and reliability.

This is the new SYM Symphony SR 125

Thus, starting this month of May and as a novelty, the SYM Symphony SR 125 will be available in two versions: the current one, with CBS combined braking for only 2,299 eurosor the new one with ABS for 2,499 euros.

Like the rest of the range SYMThe models Symphony SR 125 CBS and ABS come equipped with a top case (SH 33L) as standard and free insurance for the first year, which includes civil liability, legal defense and the basic Tim Yaya Pack.

Optionally, this insurance can become “Full of risk” for an additional cost for those over 25 years of age with more than two years of driving license. For drivers under 21 years of age, the insurance will be third party with a payment of 120 euros for civil liability.

SYM Symphony 125 SR 2024

Both models have a 5-year warranty, reflecting the commitment of SYM with the durability and reliability of its products. As a matter of fact, since 2015, SYM offers this five-year warranty for its models over 50 cc, which, by the way, is transferable when selling the vehicle.

Since his arrival in Spain in 2004, SYM has experienced constant growth and has established itself as one of the most valued brands when purchasing a scooter.

SYM Symphony 125 SR 2024

SYM milestones in Spain

  • 2017: 5th position in the scooter market.
  • 2018: fastest growing brand in the top 5 (+21%).
  • 2019: 10,000 units registered.
  • 2020: 10% market share.
  • 2021: 11% market share.
  • 2022: 12% market share and 12,000 units sold.
  • 2023: 4th position in the individual market (B2C) with 1,300 more units compared to 2022.
  • 2024: 20 years in Spain, earning the trust of more than 150,000 customers.

These results reflect global success for the firm, which is part of the Sanyang Groupstanding out especially in the demanding Taiwanese market, where it has been a leader for the last two years.

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