The video of the car driver who throws off two motorcyclists teaches us a hard lesson

A video that came to us from Singapore has caught our attention. The protagonist is a car driver who is involved in two consecutive motorcycle accidents. But behind these two accidents, there is a lot we can analyze and rethink to make the roads and streets a safer place for everyone.

At first glance, if you press play on the video you will see how there is a car that is going to leave what looks like a parking lot, it doesn't look hard enough and it runs into a motorcycle. Then, she gets out of the car, doesn't look again, opens the door and a passing scooter knocks her over, causing the second accident.

So, after the first impact of watching the video, you have to watch it again (several times) and analyze the situation. It is at that moment when you realize that the action is not simply the one described above.

It is not a parked car, but a car that is in a traffic jam in that lane and decides to change to the next one. Then, he does not look or does not see well what is coming and although there is a slight doubt, he pushes forward with the maneuver and that is when the motorcycle appears and the impact occurs.

The car driver is at fault, but so is the motorcyclist.

There is no doubt that the car driver has not performed the maneuver correctly, but the motorcycle driver has a way to avoid it. We always say that you have to drive defensively and it is in these cases where it is easier to understand it. You cannot drive at full speed next to cars that are stopped.

It is not a question of whether or not they have to look, it is you who is on the motorcycle and who is going to suffer the consequences and if you don't care about passing at 70-80 kilometers per hour next to stopped cars, assume that you can end up decal against a car.

The guy in the car, and more so nowadays, may not even be paying attention to his movements, but it may also be that you enter through the blind spot of his retro cars or that there is a car behind you that is blocking you, or even another car. Have the lights on and camouflage yourself among those lights.

It can happen and you must be aware of it as a motorcycle driver. And if you go by car, because many of us are users of both vehicles, what you should always do for the same reasons that we have explained above is to look twice. Because? Well, because when you look, you look back and look again, the motorcycle can appear out of nowhere coming out of that dead spot or because it is going faster than it should and it was not in your field of vision or due to other factors. But if you look twice you have a better chance of seeing what's coming.

To top off the play, a total nonsense, when analyzing the second accident we see again the same behavior between the two involved. First the driver of the car puts on the double turn signals and rushes to help the motorists. Then a third appears with a scooter who decides that it is a good idea to “fire through” between the stuck cars and one that has double turn signals on.

It is, almost a copy, the same situation: one who does not look and another who is not aware of the risk. That is why we will not tire of repeating: “Car driver: he looks twice to save a life. Motorcycle driver: don't play with yours.”

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