These trikes are all the rage in Asia. They have up to 90 wheels, and would be the envy of Furiosa (video)

Incredible preparations are difficult paths to scrutinize. A preparation may be true art, an aberration, or it may simply not be easy to catalog. That’s what happens with these trikes, which have been handcrafted from tubes, and which are interestingly complicated. They are so big that they could have perfectly appeared in Furiosa, or any other of the films in the Mad Max saga, and would have gone unnoticed.

We may never have seen such high handlebars and extreme positions as those on this trike, but the advantage it has is that you don’t have to keep your balance. That’s why they can be put into such complicated positions. And even if they don’t end in an accident, they will certainly cause tremendous back pain.

Assembling tubes as if they were eighties teenagers riding Meccano, until they get the desired vehicle, is only one part of these ingenious vehicles that come to us from Southeast Asia, more specifically from Indonesia.

We already know that there the passion for motorcycles is excessive, and that in addition to being a popular means of transportation, it is one of their passions. Whether we see preparations like these or if we talk about the peculiar acceleration races with scooters, which seem possessed by the bad temper they show.

A non-functional but very striking trike

In this case, precisely, it is old scooter engines that are capable of propelling the vehicle. We don’t know the displacement, but we do know that they will have to make a great effort to be able to move these things, because so much iron pipe has to weigh its own weight. And of course, compared to a light scooter, the engine will suffer a lot to move the trike.

But there is more, there is always more. It turns out that one wheel in front and two in the back were not enough for these trikes, so depending on the model you see they have four, six or more wheels in the back. And we have not yet reached the best part, the accelerator is not on the handlebars and neither are the brakes and it would be impossible to be able to control them, that is why they are on the feet.

To top it off, the passenger has more than enough space to be comfortable with a platform that, depending on the vehicle, has been made quite spacious or forces the passenger to be completely cramped. Ah! and that’s not all, they are preparing some with up to 90 rear wheels, but that is already too much for us…

Although you can continue browsing, because they have a YouTube channel.

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