This company has designed a chassis that, when turned around, is suitable for a motorcycle (Ekka) or a scooter (CS-1). Amazing

It is clear, with the concept Ekka M-1 Performance and CS-1 City Scooter, Everything begins to be possible within the “thrilling” world of electric motorcycles. And yes, minimalism has also emerged as the preferred approach within the design of the EV mobility world. These vehicles embody the principle of “less is more» in its aesthetics. And, of course, our protagonists comply with this commandment.

In this context, the company Belin Design Office, located in Indonesia and recognized for its work in graphic design and products in various industries, has just introduced a pair of innovative electric motorcycle concepts. These are the models, called Ekka M-1 Performance and CS-1 City Scooter. By the way, these motorcycles represent the first steps of this company in the field of electric mobility.

Both models stand out for their exceptionally simple design, adopting the principles of «circular design«. Despite their marked differences, both M-1 As the CS-1 They share a common base, that’s obvious. The design starts with a versatile frame. Oriented upwards, this chassis becomes the base of the CS-1 City Scooterfunctioning as the floor of the vehicle. While the front part, the swing arm and the wheels are assembled directly on this structure.

By inverting the chassis, with the opening downwards, the sporty structure of the M-1 PerformanceThe front forks are mounted on the head tube and a swingarm on the rear of the frame. The shape of the arch, the main structural support, emulates the outline of a traditional gas tank, housing the battery and electronic components inside.

Ekka M-1 Performance and CS-1 City Scooter

Electrical mechanics in Ekka M-1 Performance and CS-1 City Scooter

Both concepts feature a motor in the rear wheel. While performance enthusiasts often prefer mid-drive motors for the balance they offer, the simplicity and adaptability of the wheel motor is undeniable, eliminating the need for chains or belt drives, as well as sprockets and gears, offering an efficient and straightforward solution.

Where we will end up… No idea.

Ekka M-1 Performance and CS-1 City Scooter

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