This is the Czech motorcycle that seeks to become a reality

Today the Czech motorcycle industry is not what it was when the Iron Curtain existed. In those years their industrial capacity allowed them a certain relevance, to the point that one of the best spy stories starred Ernst Degner, escaping with MZ's secrets to Suzuki.

But today, what we are going to talk about is not about the brilliant past of the Czech motorcycle, but about the way that UDX wants to position itself in the market. And it is with an electric, flying motorcycle with 420 HP that could carry up to two people.

It would be, strictly speaking, a two-seater recreational drone, but it would be driven in a similar way to a motorcycle and, of course, it would have the seat and the positioning of the two passengers as if it were a motorcycle.

The Czech flying motorcycle is, for now, a recreational vehicle

The model developed by UDX has 430 HP. Or it will have, because for now it is a project. And the fact is that it is a curious mix between a propeller drone and an airplane, because the systems in which the turbines are housed have movement and make them practically serve as wings. This, on paper, could give the unit lift when flying and, in this way, not depend solely on the engines.

With this, it would also gain efficiency and with more efficiency, more autonomy, something that is important in a device that flies and even more so if it is electric. But there is more and it has an acceleration capacity from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds, and a maximum speed of 230 kilometers per hour.

As for weight, it is not particularly light, since it weighs over 300 kg despite the fact that carbon is a vital part of its construction. With this data, its flight time capacity is 25 minutes, or it can also cover a maximum distance of 66 kilometers. As for the load capacity, it would support two people with a maximum of 150 kg between them.

We therefore say that this Czech motorcycle, which will be capable of flying if it reaches production, is for now a 100% recreational vehicle. And not only that, the price it will have for the public will be 350,000 euros and an ultralight pilot's license will be required to be able to fly it.

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