This is this Honda CRF250R with industrial saw blades as wheels

Content creators on YouTube CboysTV They return for their own sake with one of those preparations (if we can call it that), developed on a Honda CRF250R, which has literally left us a little dumbfounded. The reason is simple: they have mounted two industrial saw blades as wheels.

As you may remember, just a few weeks ago we showed you a Harley-Davidson Street Glide converted into a snowmobile, equipped with a plastic track like the one snowmobiles have, precisely.

Honda CRF250R “Style Blade”

Now, again relating motorcycles to snow and ice, they return with this Honda CRF250R equipped with two industrial saw blades, the kind usually used in sawmills, which on this occasion act as wheels. To do this, they have integrated all the necessary elements so that they perform the same function as a conventional tire.

That is, it has a rear plate, or bushings to be able to anchor them to the front fork and swingarm. Furthermore, along with this CRF250R They have also assembled a quad equipped precisely with four saw blades, but of a smaller size.

Now is the time to try both gadgets and they choose to go to a frozen lake initially. Although at the start the CRF250R seems like it is going to get stuck in the ice, as a result of the power emitted by its engine and the sharp teeth of the blades, it ends up advancing across the surface of the lake.

But since settling for it doesn’t suit the guys at CboysTV, they later carried out several tests on land and the most curious thing about it is that it works! They even end up going through a wooden walkway that they eventually end up burning. And of course, as a result of recklessness, the police and later the firefighters end up showing up, probably both warned by a neighbor who had been enjoying the show.

Riding an MX will never be the same again, and if not look at Honda CRF250R with industrial saw blades as wheels

Without a doubt, it’s completely crazy, but, like most of the inventions created by the guys at CboysTV, this one CRF250R with saw blades as wheels has almost 10 million views on YouTube. Does anyone dare to do something even more WTF?…

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