Unique car museums in Spain

Whether it is an Easter plan or a summer vacation, the desire to discover new things does not have to focus on eating very well and seeing many churches. We also have a series of museums for all automotive lovers that are worth visiting. and spend a morning or afternoon among history and unique pieces.

In Spain we have several unique museums dedicated to automotive memory such as the Roda Roda Museum and several brands have their own, such as Seat's A-119 ship and as some are special and rarely visitable, we leave you a list of several unique museums of cars so that your vacation visit also has some passion and history.

In the interest of having a good repository, if we have left out any that you found interesting, you can leave it in the comments and we will do the rest.

Car museums in Spain

Salamanca Automotive History Museum

Active since 2002 and located in the Old Market Square, it is one of the cultural references of the university city, where we can find and see a varied collection that includes automobiles, motorcycles, as well as thousands of pieces, accessories and objects related to the exciting world of automobiles. These pieces come from important existing collections in Spain, among which the initial one stands out, from the Gómez Planche Family, and the national collection of the General Directorate of Traffic, in addition to contributions from different individuals, institutions and patrons, both national and international. The museum is part of the complete network of Museums of Castilla y León, on its website you have more information.

RACE private collection

Specifically to this museum you will have to call before going to see if they have completed the renovation. This museum exhibits a select sample which covers the history of the automobile from its beginnings, presenting emblematic models such as the Delahaye 1898, the Hispano Switzerland, the DelaunayBelleville, among others, prior to 1910, as well as more modern but equally representative units from different eras. Because it is a private collection This is exhibited with a guide, lasting approximately one and a half hours, and in order to control the capacity, only group visits ranging between 10 and 15 people as a minimum and maximum, respectively, will be allowed. For more information about reservations, we leave you their website.

Automobile and Fashion Museum of Malaga

In this case, the vehicle collection has a more aesthetic cut than usual and without a doubt it is one of the most complete that we can visit since it covers cars from different generations and with a spectacular design depth. The museum also has a room dedicated to cars that run on alternative energy and you can see a steam car, a propeller-powered car from 1932 and more current vehicles powered by green energy. You can see more on their website.

Sabatini Gardens Hotel Museum in Madrid

Located on the emblematic Cuesta de San Vicente, number 16, in Madrid. This museum offers a unique experience that captivates both enthusiasts of motorsports as amateurs to the history. The exhibition features a collection of meticulously restored vintage and classic vehicles, each with its own history and charm. From elegant horse-drawn carriages to the first motor cars, the museum offers a comprehensive view of the evolution of transport in the Spanish capital. You can also enjoy a sample of original photographs of Madrid of the time that accompany the vehicles on display. These images offer a unique look at the city's daily life, architecture and streetscapes in the past, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the era. For more information, we leave you the link to the website.

Torre de Lozaiga Museum in Vizcaya (Galdames)

The Torre Loizaga collection is recognized as the most complete in Europe in terms of Rolls-Royce vehicles., with a meticulous selection that ranges from the first models to the Phantom series manufactured until 1972. The reconstruction of the Tower was carried out simultaneously with the rigorous search for new examples of this prestigious British brand, with the aim of gathering at least one copy of each model manufactured under British ownership. Today, the museum houses an impressive variety of styles, as the firm delivered the chassis, engine, radiator and hood, leaving the finishing in the hands of master coachbuilders chosen by the buyer.

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