the brutal transformation of this Honda VFR400 NC30

Although the Honda VFR400 NC30 is a legendary model for being a lightweight entry-level sports car, in the image and likeness of its older sister, the RC30, it happens like many other motorcycles that many of us drool over: they have fallen into the wrong hands.

There are people who, for whatever reason, buy motorcycles that simply appeal to them, but without being able to appreciate their real value or potential. And it is very possible that that was what happened to the previous owner of the Honda VFR400 NC30 that, luckily, has fallen into the hands of RRC Restoration.

Saying that it had bad taste may sound a bit harsh, but the colors chosen to paint the bike in black, silver with blue details, the blue windscreen and the bars also painted blue allow us to say it without feeling any remorse. But what's more is that this work was done in a shoddy manner, which further complicated the restoration work.

The Honda VFR400 NC30 was abandoned and is now a collector's gem

Now, thanks to that apathy first and then to the abandonment that the motorcycle went through, we have a series of 8 restoration installments of the motorcycle on the RRCRestoration YouTube channel, which could be perfect for you to enjoy these days off. .

The way the motorcycle is abandoned (you will find it in the first video of the series) is quite sad. At the same time, one begins to think why one does not find these types of opportunities, but that is another topic.

Then comes the time to get into trouble with all types of restoration, from the chassis to the suspensions, engine, paint… to achieve a result that leaves this Honda VFR400 NC30 almost better than when it left the factory more than 30 years ago.

By the way, if you are wondering the prices of a VFR 400 today in Spain, they are around 9,000 euros. Outside our borders things are not much better…

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