The Honda Super Cub 50 has its hours numbered in the Japanese market

The world is still immersed in this crusade against climate change that is leaving corpses along the way without any regard. The last person sentenced for the “green religion” is neither more nor less than the iconic Honda Super Cub 50marking on the calendar the next November 2025 as the deadline for its departure from the Japanese market.

The cause is none other than the entry into force of the new anti-pollution regulations in the Japanese country. This is why the vast majority of mopeds will possibly end up almost completely disappearing from Japanese street traffic, due to their inability to adapt to this new environmental requirement.

Instead, the country's authorities intend to implement a new law by which citizens with a car license can drive any model of motorcycle, 110/125 cc, limited to 4 KW, about 5.4 HP of power, a similar figure. to that offered by current 50 cc models.

Honda Super Cub 50: End to a living myth

In recent times, Honda has had to say goodbye to true icons within the brand that were currently marketed in Japan. In any case, the decision to discontinue any of its models is preceded by the announcement of new anti-pollution regulations that are more demanding than the previous one.

The Honda Super Cub 50 has its hours numbered in the Japanese market

We have experienced this fact in recent times with renowned mounts such as the VFR800, CB400 and even CB1300. Now it's the turn of the Super Cub 50, of which the brand currently continues to ship thousands of units annually, only in Japan. In fact, about 130,000 examples of mopeds are sold annually in the country.

However, the disappearance of Honda Super Cub 50 It is even more bloody, taking into account its almost six decades of history and what it represents within Japanese culture, and in the daily lives of the country's citizens. A truly iconic model that has been part of the Japanese brand's range since 1966.

The Honda Super Cub 50 has its hours numbered in the Japanese market

Now Young Machine's colleagues even dare to speculate on a possible version of the model “Final Edition”, decorated with the typical colors of the Super Cub in its first editions. From the white and blue color scheme of 1966 to the brown and white that C100s sported between 1958 and 1967.

In any case, a nice tribute to a legend of two wheels.

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