VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024

The new VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024scooter derived directly from the VOGE SR1has just arrived on the Spanish market presenting an aggressive aesthetic and, above all, a knockdown price.

In addition to its latest generation engine equipped with liquid cooling, it incorporates an electrically adjustable windshield, improved suspensions with gas shock absorbers, a larger capacity tank to increase autonomy, mixed tires and a new instrument panel with a color screen. There is no lack of Bluetooth connectivity for the smartphone and simplified turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

Rivals of the Voge SR1 ADV 125 2024

The latest scooter with an all-terrain character from the Asian firm finds its segment rivals in brands such as Aprilia, KYMCO, SYM, Keeway and Wottan.

VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024

Mechanics of the VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024

The compact long-stroke engine, an evolution of the SR1has liquid cooling and a consumption of 2.2 liters per 100 km.

The engine unit has a radiator attached to the right side of the engine, a cylinder head with rocker arms equipped with roller bearings to minimize friction and a variator transmission with a double-sided toothed belt.

VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024

The mechanics deliver a maximum power of 11.6 HP at 8,500 rpm and a torque of 11 Nm at 6,500 rpm. In addition, this new engine is distinguished by its zero level of vibrations, noise levels below the approval directives and low consumption, which translates into a range of more than 360 km.

This occurs in part thanks to the use of a modern EFI electronic injection feeding system, which in turn offers an emissions figure of only 63 g/km, with the mechanics being approved with the current Euro5.

VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024

Cycle part VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024

The suspensions are adapted for offroad use, with a 31 mm fork and travel increased to 121 mm compared to the 93 mm of the SR1. The new rear hydraulic shock absorbers also increase their travel to 108 mm, raising the minimum ground clearance by 20 mm without affecting seat accessibility, which remains at 775 mm.

The newly designed wheels have 10 thin spokes and maintain the measurements of «wheels socks» 14 and 13 inches, with mixed tread tubeless tires. The 240 and 220 mm disc brakes, with double and single-piston floating calipers and independent dual-channel ABS system, include TCS traction control to prevent slipping on low-adhesion surfaces.

VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024

Equipment and design VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024

The design of VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024work of the Italian Massimo Zaniboni, abandons the soft shapes of the SR1 to adopt more marked lines. The front features a headlight with double rectangular optics and high-intensity LED lights, as well as an onboard video camera. The LED turn signals are mounted on elastic supports similar to those on offroad motorcycles.

He SR1 ADV It has a smoked windshield electrically adjustable in several positions. At the rear, the LED headlights have an undulating design that increases brightness when braking, similar to that of the VOGE SR4 Max. The handlebar is now made of bare tube with variable taper, providing greater rigidity and reminiscent of those used on trail and enduro motorcycles. It can be adjusted in different positions to adapt to the ergonomics of the pilot.

VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024

In front of the handlebar, a large color display offers much more information than the SR1including Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones, message and incoming calls indicator, GPS navigation «turn-by-turn«, rev counter, speedometer, consumption indicator, time clock and graphic fuel and coolant temperature levels.

The driving position allows two different postures, with the feet on horizontal or inclined platforms. The central tunnel houses a 9-liter tank, one liter more than the SR1, increasing autonomy for adventure trips. The tank lid opens with a button next to the ignition switch that is activated by proximity, and includes buttons to locate the scooter and to immobilize it in case of theft. Next to the tank lid, there is another button to open the seat and access a large cargo compartment, complemented by a glove box with a fast charging USB socket.

VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024

Colors VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024

The new scooter with country skills VOGE It comes in three attractive shades:

Price and availability VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024

The new VOGE will be available from May with a price of 2,987 eurosincluding a 5-year warranty and free third-party insurance for those over 21 years of age

VOGE SR1 ADV 125 2024

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