Vogue 900DSX vs BMW F 900 GS, which is better?

The arrival of the new Vogue 900DSX of Voge to the market has been a step forward for the Asian firm in the busy adventure segment. To do this, it uses the technique of offering a wide range of standard equipment, along with the proven mechanics shared with some of the outgoing BMW models.

For its part, the German firm returns on its own in 2024, presenting numerous technological innovations in its new F 900 GS, taking it up a notch at all levels. In short, maintaining that product aura premium which the brand's followers appreciate so much.

Voge 900DSX vs BMW F 900 GS: Same concept, different philosophy

With the presentation of the new 900DSX, Voge tells us what they are capable of and how far they can go if they put their mind to it. But they also do it by offering launch conditions that are practically unbeatable by any of their rivals. With a starting price of 8,888 eurosa rate that includes up to one year of free insurance, is set to be one of the best-selling motorcycles in 2024.

On the other side of the rope we find the new F 900 GS, which undoubtedly cannot compete with the Chinese in price, but in exchange it offers us more than four decades of tradition under the acronym GS. If we add to this the good work of the Germans, it is clear that it will continue to enjoy a wide audience within the adventure segment, as has happened until now.

Vogue 900DSX 2024 in detail

Be that as it may, the most important thing when it comes to getting a motorcycle of this style is that it meets our initial expectations and in this aspect the new Vogue 900DSX I probably surpass them in every way.

Not a single bit has been spared in terms of equipment and finishes, which, in part, do not correspond to the initial price from which it starts. This means that Voge has thrown everything out of the window when it comes to integrating the new company into the market. 900DSX 2024. Proof of this is that as standard equipment it includes, among others:

Vogue 900DSX vs BMW F 900 GS, which is better?

  • CCS cruise control
  • LCA rear vehicle presence detector when changing lanes
  • 4 Driving Modes
  • Steering damper
  • TPMS Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Keyless proximity smart key
  • Full LED lighting
  • Tubeless spoke rims
  • Height-adjustable windshield
  • 7 inch color TFT screen
  • Protections: side fenders, crankcase covers and hand guards, etc.

In terms of the cycle part, Voge is betting on a fully adjustable suspension team signed by Kayabawhile for braking it is Brembo who does their bit to efficiently stop the 212 kg empty that the brand declares.

Vogue 900DSX vs BMW F 900 GS, which is better?

The assembly rests on 21- and 17-inch radial wheels, front and rear respectively. These in turn are shod with mixed tires Pirelli Scorpion Rally 90/90-21 and 150/70-17.

If we talk about the mechanical section we find the well-known inline twin cylinder 895cc, which also equips the new BMW F generation. The water-cooled DOHC engine, with four valves per cylinder and a 270/450 degree ignition interval, offers 94.8 hp at 8,250 rpm and an approved torque figure of 95 Nm at 6,250 rpmannouncing a maximum speed of 200 km/h.

Vogue 900DSX 2024

BMW F 900 GS in detail

The new F 900 GS features numerous powerful innovations with improved off-road qualities, combined with a drastic weight reduction of 14kg compared to the previous model.

The steel chassis integrates the engine as a supporting element and works together with a suspension system Showa, with an inverted fork at the front and a monoshock at the rear. Just like in the 900DSX, It is Brembo who signs the braking, leaving the team anchored in 2.15 x 21″ and 4.25 x 17″ radial tires, shod with 90/90 R21 and 150/70 R17 tires.

With 226 kilograms in running order, The new F 900 GS is powered by an inline twin-cylinder 895cc, the same one that his rival equips, although in this case the power is stretched to the 105 HP at 8,500 rpm and a total torque of 93 Nm at 6,750 rpm.

The brand approves an average consumption of 4.4 liters at 100 kilometers and a maximum speed above 200km/h. In terms of equipment, BMW offers us as standard, for a base price of 13,980 euros:

Vogue 900DSX vs BMW F 900 GS, which is better?

  • 6.5″ TFT color display with BMW Motorrad Connectivity
  • ABS Pro BMW Motorrad
  • DTC Dynamic Traction Control
  • Akrapovič sports end silencer
  • Rain/Road driving modes
  • LED headlight with daytime running light
  • LED turn signals
  • 12V and USB socket
  • Engine protection
  • Heated grips
  • Handguard footboard
  • Adjustable shift and brake pedal

Vogue 900DSX vs BMW F 900 GS, which is better?

Voge 900DSX or BMW F 900 GS: A question of priorities

Once the main characteristics of both models have been explained, one begins to ask questions about which of these two frames could become our ideal companion. If we let ourselves be carried away by the numbers, the 900DSX It is, in general terms, probably the new reference in the sector.

There is no other model that, with equal equipment and features, offers the same for less. However, not everything that is important lies in the cold figures and there will be those who prefer the German mount for that halo of exclusivity, in addition to the good workmanship, qualities or reliability that surrounds all BMW Motorrad products.

Vogue 900DSX vs BMW F 900 GS, which is better?

That is why everything comes down to a simple question of priorities, if we assume that our economy allows us to access either of these two mounts. Then personal tastes come into play in terms of aesthetics, finish or ergonomics.

In any case, in the end, when we talk about a motorcycle, the heart almost always prevails, so what do you prefer, the Vogue 900DSX wave BMW F 900 GS? Hard choise.

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