Volkswagen Golf 50th Anniversary: ​​celebrating its birthday

There is no doubt that the Volkswagen Golf is one of the most historic cars in the automotive sector. Also one of the best sellers thanks to his half century of permanence in the market consecutively. That anniversary is precisely being celebrated with the arrival of the latest update of the compact model and a special edition could not be missing to commemorate the milestone. Is called Volkswagen Golf 50th Anniversary and it is a specimen with a specific configuration for those clients looking for complete equipment at a good price.

The special edition will be available for a limited time and is easy to distinguish from the rest of the range. On the outside there are some details such as the 18 inch Leeds wheels with a specific finish or logos with the number 50 celebrating its birthday. That credential is present on the outside on the B-pillar, but also on the door sills and on the bottom of the steering wheel. Then there is the issue of equipmentwhich is completed to incorporate practically all the elements that any user could need for their daily life.

The reality is that it is established on the Style finish base, although completing its endowment in a notable way. They talk about equipment that would have cost an additional 5,500 euros and that its extra cost in this edition It is barely 650 euros above. Therefore, the Volkswagen Golf 50 Anniversary could be worth it for those looking to add headlights with IQ.Light technology, the Discover navigation system with 12.9-inch screen, Keyless Access keyless locking and starting, anti-theft alarm, package winter with heated front seats and steering wheel or stainless steel pedals and footrest.

Another issue is that this special edition is available with various mechanics of Golf. The entry level is the 1.5 TSI with 150 HP without electrification, although later the eTSI MHEV microhybrids are also available; both with the same 1.5 TSI engine and a 48 V electrical system. This one has two power levels: 115 and 150 HP. Later, the Volkswagen Golf 50 Anniversary will arrive with the 115 and 150 HP diesel engines, always using the 2.0 TDI four-cylinder, and also the 204 HP plug-in hybrid for those looking for the ZERO label.

The prices are the following:

  • Volkswagen Golf 50th Anniversary 1.5 TSI 150 HP – 35,790 euros
  • Volkswagen Golf 50 Anniversary 1.5 eTSI MHEV 115 HP – 36,880 euros
  • Volkswagen Golf 50 Anniversary 1.5 eTSI MHEV 150 HP – 37,650 euros

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