Volkswagen ID.7 GTX Tourer 2024: spicier for the electric family

When we saw the Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer for the first time, the truth is that it surprised us by maintaining the philosophy of a family car, despite the change in nomenclature. It became a perfect container for all types of versions, since its capabilities were more than clear. So we are pleased that they launched the Volkswagen ID.7 GTX Tourer 2024, the sportiest variant that is positioned at the top of the range. It will hit the market in the coming months with features worth taking into account.

The main engine, as in other ID.7 Tourers, is the brand’s APP550 electric motor. It remains on the rear axle, although this version It also has a front electric motor to add power and achieve the desired all-wheel drive. There is no shortage of differentials to control traction, with the front one for specific cases. In total they combine to obtain 340 HP of power, without the amount of torque it offers having yet been revealed. The truth is that there are still details to know about this specimen.

There is no acceleration data, but it is said that the maximum speed will be limited to 180 km/h. It is clarified that the Volkswagen ID.7 GTX Tourer has a 91 kWh capacity battery (86 kWh net), which is the largest and could provide up to 625 kilometers of autonomy electrical. The liquid cooling system and some improvements mean that it accepts loads of up to 200 kW in direct current, so it could reach 10 to 80% in less than 30 minutes.

Being the most powerful family car that Volkswagen has made to date, it also had to have a sportier aesthetic than the series model. This translates into specific bumpers and arrow-shaped daytime running lights, in the style of those on the ID.3 GTX. You can also see a good number of shiny black details and some 20 inch wheels, which can reach up to 21 inches optionally. The rear also integrates a new bumper with a more dynamic diffuser.

The bodywork of this model can be chosen in the Red King inspired by the Golf GTI, but also by the Glacier White, Scala Silver, Pomegranate Black and Moonstone Gray. The interior of the Volkswagen ID.7 GTX Tourer It has an extra spice thanks to the sports seats and the mixed black and gray upholstery. The trim throughout the cabin is red, including the stitching and some accents. A novelty of this variant is that it has a panoramic ceiling which can automatically darken at the touch of a button.

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