Volunteers with enduro motorcycles join the Cebreros Civil Protection Unit

Recently, from the Moto de Campo Sostenible platform they have issued a statement in which they highlight the work carried out by the volunteers with enduro motorcycles, who already work with the Civil Protection Unit of the town from Cebreros for assistance in events in the natural environment.

On January 28th, the XX Cebrereño Alpine Cross in Cebreros, Ávilain which more than 600 participants traveled 26 kilometers through the mountain, accumulating a positive slope of 1,350 meters.

The deployment of personnel to assist this Trail Running race, organized by the local Civil Protection Unit, was also joined by volunteers with enduro motorcyclesalso becoming a permanent part of the staff for future events.

Enduro motorcycles as an efficient tool in this type of work

The route ran entirely along very difficult paths and mountain tracks, being only accessible in most points only by the enduro motorcycles. These were arranged in the queue of the participants, completing the entire route from start to finish, which could guarantee the safety of all participants on 100% of the route.

Volunteers with enduro motorcycles join the Cebreros Civil Protection Unit

The work of closing the race and controlling the route of the Carlos Moreno familyhigh-level riders with years of experience on off-road motorcycles and trained in the Sustainable Field Motorcycle search and first aid courses, made it possible to control the progress of the participants at all times.

He did it through radio stations, thus ensuring that no one was left behind for any reason, whether due to injury, accident or fainting, leaving no point to cover in the entire 26 kilometers.

Volunteers with enduro motorcycles join the Cebreros Civil Protection Unit

Likewise, at the organizational level the use of enduro motorcyclessince they acted as a closure of assistance posts and other locations of the Civil Protection units, which when the motorcycles passed by, ended their service and dismantled the different devices.

These could return to the base or go to other points along the route, thus also improving the assistance service to all runners, better optimizing resources. A total of 86 volunteers from the Civil Protection Units participated in the organization.

Volunteers with enduro motorcycles join the Cebreros Civil Protection Unit

All of them from Cebreros, El Tiemblo, Hoyo de Pinares, Navaluenga, Ceniientos, Pelayos de la Presa and some other towns, with provisions of all types of vehicles, including off-road vehicles, enduro motorcycles, ambulances and transport vehicles.

The work carried out by the enduro motorcycles On this occasion it was a complete success, providing safety to the participants and optimizing the organizational work of the staff, leaving everyone extremely grateful, thus demonstrating the benefits that the dirt bike can bring to society and the natural environment.

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