What would a Honda NT1100 X Crossover be like?

In the market we find many crossover motorcycles. Almost all brands have their own and there are only two (Honda and Triumph) that do not have a model with these characteristics. We have recently seen what a Triumph Tiger Sport 1200 would be like, and today it is our turn to discover what a crossover Honda would be like.

We start from the basis of a mix proposed by our colleagues at Motorrad through Kar Lee Design, which combines the NT1000, the NC750 and the Honda CB1000 Hornet on the same bike.

As we said when analyzing the Triumph proposal, the mixture of concepts is fashionable. Now we see what a motorcycle would be like if Honda combined the concept of sportiness of the aforementioned Hornet with the comfort that a great traveler such as the NT1100 and the NC750 can offer us.

The Honda NT1000 X Crossover would cover a market niche that Honda does not attack

At a time when the market seems to be transitioning in a certain way from naked sports to trail sports, having a motorcycle with these characteristics is an option for manufacturers that should not be excessively complicated to achieve. Simplifying greatly, you take a naked sports bike, add longer suspensions and some fairing and we already have our crossover.

In reality it is more complex and brands have to refine to go to market with a well-rounded product in which everything, including the complicated electronic management, is at the expected level.

Even so, the motorcycle that Kar Lee has prepared for Motorrad, in reality, has almost no significant changes in terms of the engine, chassis and suspension of the CB1000 Hornet and the height of the assembly for the user would be achieved with turrets on the handlebars to achieve a more upright position.

It would be going one step further in sportiness on the NT1100

When imagining that the engine of this crossover would be that of the CB1000 Hornet, we get the idea that we would be looking at a power of around 150 HP. And the inline tetra-cylinder is in turn derived from the 2017 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. With these features, more than enough for a set that would be between 220-230 kg according to estimates, it would be placed on the list in between. It would not be the most powerful nor the least.

In any case, it is nothing more than a toast to the sun and although Kar Lee is usually quite correct, there are no clues that indicate, at least for now, that Honda is going to assault the two-wheeled crossover market.

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