With this luminescent paint for road markings, driving at night would be much safer

Although we may not realize it on a daily basis, we are surrounded by luminescent paint. It is that paint that we find, for example, on emergency signs or on the hands of the clock, and that glows when it is dark. It’s not magic, it’s science. During the day, ultra violet light activates their pigments “recharging” and when it is dark they emit that characteristic greenish light. As a curiosity, it must be said that it also shines during the day, but we cannot perceive it.

That said, a company in Australia has developed luminescent paint for road markings on highways. At night, on certain roads, if not all, lighting is non-existent or very limited and although the paints used on the roads have reflectors, they only shine when the light hits them.

Therefore, by using luminescent paint what is gained is in a certain way field of vision at night, because although the lights of our motorcycle do not reach as far or do not illuminate the interior or sides of the road, the road markings will be able to follow seeing each other continuously.

Luminescent paint can offer hours of lighting completely free

In addition, depending on the type of paint, they can stay glowing all night. The best thing is that they do not require any other type of installation beyond the paint itself, so the complications when putting it on the roads are the same as if it were marked with normal paint.

As for what happens with the luminescent paint in sections that are well lit, the proof is in the photo that the Australian company, Tarmac Linemarking, uploaded to its networks a while ago and that illustrates this news: if it is night it continues to shine although we do not perceive it in the same way (logically) as the part that is totally dark.

During the day the big difference is that you can see the greenish yellowish volume up close.

And what happens during the day? Well, the difference between the lines with conventional paint versus the new road signs with luminescent paint is that the daytime color is not white as established by regulation. It has that typical light green tone that can be seen up close but appears white from afar. Perhaps that is the reason why, despite being a great idea, it has not yet expanded.

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