Yamaha R1 replica Jonathan Rea: bordering on the sublime

After sweeping Kawasaki, Jonathan Rea has moved on to ride for Yamaha this year. Although the results at the start of the session are not as expected, Crescent has launched a Yamaha R1 replica Jonathan Rea with which to enjoy both on the circuit and on the street.

And Crescent is the team behind the Pata Prometeon Yamaha World Superbike, in which Jonathan Rea plays. But it is also one of the powerful Yamaha dealers in the United Kingdom. Hence, as if it were all-inclusive, they offer the Yamaha R1 replica Jonathan Rea.

The chosen base, as happens in competition, is not the Yamaha R1M but the standard Yamaha R1. We must not lose sight of the fact that the R1M is already a limited edition in itself and that, furthermore, in this case it would not make much sense because there are many elements that are replaced with respect to the series.

The changes of the Yamaha R1 replica Jonathan Rea

In addition to the obvious change in decoration with the 65 on the front and the replica racing or winter testing colors, the Jonathan Rea Yamaha R1 replica brings a lot of “goodies” thanks to the complete GYTR kit that includes, among other things: Akrapovic exhaust, Öhlins NIX front cartridge kit and TTX 36 rear shock, Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tires, HEL Performance hoses, Marchesini MRS rims and a tank extender made of carbon.

In itself, having all these modifications would turn the Yamaha R1 replica Jonathan Rea into a practically collectible motorcycle. But to that we must add that it is a limited edition of 65 units, which will come with its certificate and will be assembled on demand at a price of 29,995 pounds, which with the current exchange rate is 34,970 euros.

The R1 will also be available in a “Winter-test” version
And it doesn't all end there because if the original preparation doesn't seem enough to you, for another good handful of pounds it can be updated with other extra components such as, for example, Brembo GP4RX calipers or Brembo T-Drive discs.

Jonathan Rea himself will be the luxury host at the official presentation of the motorcycles that will take place at the Crescent Yamaha Southampton headquarters on April 13, which gives an even more exclusive touch to each of these 65 jewels.

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