Zero DSR 2024: An electrifying adventure

The Zero DSR 2024 It is one of the new features for this year from the American firm, a model intended for users with the A2 license. The new DSR accompanies its owner in their evolution towards the A license, allowing them to unlock their full potential when the time comes.

With a maximum speed of 150km/h and an autonomy of 249 kilometers in an urban environment, it achieves an optimal recharge in just 1.4 hours. The new lithium-ion battery 15.6 kWh further enhances the capabilities of the Zero DSRwhile the integrated charger has 3.3 kW of power.

Zero DSR 2024, the adventure in silent mode

This entry version offers a torque of 170 Nm and 33 kW (44 HP) of continuous power, with a maximum power of 52 kW (70 HP). The motor Z-Force 75-10X Direct drive, tuned specifically for the challenges of off-road and based on the DSR/X architecture, along with brushless permanent internal magnet technology, guarantee optimal performance.

In the cycle part we have the suspensions signed by Showa and a braking team J. Juan equipped with eCBS. Furthermore, the mounting of Pirelli tires and the seat height of 828 millimeters and two optional seats of 805 and 865 millimeters.

Zero DSR 2024: An electrifying adventure

Equipped with the latest version of the operating system Cypher III+the Zero DSR It also incorporates the advanced system Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) with a specific module for off-road.

Personalization is another of DSR's strengths. Through the app NextGen From Zero, users can adapt the bike to their individual preferences, choosing from multiple pre-configured riding modes such as Rain, Eco, Standard, Sport and Canyonin addition to being able to create an almost infinite number of custom configurations.

Zero DSR 2024: An electrifying adventure

The mobile connectivity of the Zero DSR enables continuous sending of motorcycle information to the NextGen app, where users can monitor the motorcycle's status and location, manage charging, share riding data, and receive wireless system updates, all in real time.

With a guarantee of five years and unlimited mileage that include parts and batteries, the DSR 2024 It is available at the brand's dealers in silver at a price of 19,725 euros. For more detailed information you can consult directly on the brand's official website or at any of the national authorized distributors.

Zero DSR 2024: An electrifying adventure

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