“7/11”, a nineties Suzuki GSX-R750 with a 1,000 engine that will make your heart rate go up

Today we want to show you a modification that became quite popular in the 90s among the owners of a Suzuki GSX-R750 of the time. We are talking about the well-known “7/11” conversion, which basically involved anchoring a GSX-R1100 engine inside the chassis of the first one, although this became for many fans the start of a much more elaborate preparation project.

The culprit of this idea is Bradley O’Connorwho in September 1992 was interviewed by the publication Performance Bikes After completing the first part of his “7/11” preparation, O’Connor opted to equip a GSX1100F engine, and became a reference for many fans convinced to undertake the same modification on their respective GSX-R750.

But Bradley did not stop there, as he subsequently continued to devise new modifications to improve his mount. Among them the incorporation of a nitrous oxide system and a Harris Magnum 4 chassis…Nothing at all. As we say, that was the beginning of a trend that still excites fans today.

Suzuki GSX-R750 “7/11” from 1994 in detail

This is the case of the creator of this “7/11” preparation based on a 1994 Suzuki GSX-R750. According to the details in the advertisement itself, this is the work of the owner of the website specialising in the model GSXROnly.com. Later, in 2015, it was acquired by the person who now had it for sale on the specialised Ebay advertisement portal.

This preparation"7/11"on a nineties Suzuki GSX-R750, will raise the heart rate of Old School lovers

The description explains that the bike has only been used once since the preparation was completed: “I’ll add some fresh gas and make a video of it starting up. I imagine it will need some carburetor work before it’s ready to go on the road, as well as fluid changes.”

In this GSX-R750 “7/11” Almost everything is new; the chain, sprockets, bearings, tires, brakes, metal hoses, paint, Yoshimura exhaust, fork seals, etc. The problem is basically that it has not been used for almost a decade. Associated with the chassis number JS1GR7BA3R2102682currently has just over 30,000 km, or at least that’s what its odometer says.

This preparation"7/11"on a nineties Suzuki GSX-R750, will raise the heart rate of Old School lovers

This jewel has ended up being sold for a final price of 4,189 euros, approximately 3.900 euros In exchange, a real bargain if we take into account the current state of the Old School market. If we add to this the fact that this preparation is so special, we are without a doubt looking at a great purchase.

Congratulations to its lucky new owner.

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