They sent an artificial intelligence to design a trike, then they replicated it in wood and… IT WORKS!!

News about artificial intelligence reaches us from a thousand places at once and with different examples and applications. In fact, this is not the first time we have seen artificial intelligence applied to the motorcycle sector, but it is the first time we have seen how an AI idea ends up becoming a reality thanks to the hands of an artist.

And that is the definition that best fits the talent of this YouTuber, Woodworking Art. He calls himself that in his own name, but seeing the results and how he works the noble material to give it shape, we could say that it even falls short.

The result is spectacular, but artificial intelligence made the job easy

And after artificial intelligence decided what a time machine-inspired trike should look like, it was time to get down to work. The first thing was to build a chassis that could withstand everything that was to come and, logically, wood was not the best option.

So, despite being a wood specialist, our protagonist created it with metal tubes, we assume steel. From there and thanks to the templates of each of the pieces of this trike, which was originally supposed to be a car but which the artificial intelligence decided should only have three wheels, the hard process of carving, cutting and modelling each element began.

Pure craftsmanship for a machine that has a clear “steampunk” feel and that has moving parts. By the way, it is a vehicle that really moves thanks to the electric motor it has, so it could hardly be more sustainable.

Another thing is whether it could be produced on a large scale, perhaps artificial intelligence will find a way…

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