The documentary that shows social change on two wheels

Whether it is due to society or other reasons, it is a fact that the world of motorcycling is mainly male. It is so in everyday life, where we see more and more women, but it is not so, especially, in rallies, events, competitions… where women were not unwelcome, but they did not have an incentive to attend en masse. That does not mean that there have always been women competing or in rallies, but it was a residual participation.

Now things are changing and although major changes will always take a long time, the trend is clear: there are more and more women involved in the world of motorcycling in all areas. From the role of users to event organizers, pilots, mechanics, salespeople, managers… the list is endless. Well, all this change is captured in the documentary “She Rides”.

The director is Gareth Maxwell Roberts and in the feature film, which has not yet been released, we will be able to see the reality that some women feel and live within the world of motorcycling. This documentary, however, is being made mainly in the United States, so it will reflect the reality there where the change is being tremendous.

In fact, in 2003 only 9% of licences were held by women and now this has risen to 20%. It is a long way from 50-50, but the fact that women are approaching a quarter of the “active population” on motorcycles is always a very good sign, and opens the door for other women to feel more attracted to getting on a motorcycle and giving it gas, or preparing their bike, or going to rallies riding their own bike.

She Rides will capture the reality of the United States, but also part of Europe

However, it is expected that after touring much of the United States for high-level motorcycle events such as the Mama Tried Show, which was held in Milwaukee, the filming team will come to Europe and gather the experience of some of the most influential women on two wheels in our continent.

There will also be talks by riders such as Maria Costello and Jenny Tinmouth, as well as other women who run motorcycle clubs and events… Now we just have to wait for it to end and see the light of day, but I’m sure She Rides will bring a different point of view and, perhaps, be able to break down the barriers that can remain and, without a doubt, remain in some of the most rancid corners of motorcycling and society.

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