It is the first brand to take a step back in the electric market. For Markus Flasch, “the motorcyclist is not yet ready”

Markus Flaschcurrent CEO of BMW Motorrad, has confirmed, in a recent interview with the Italian media Motociclismo, what is increasingly clear within the two-wheel sector: Electric models, at least the high-performance ones, are not a priority option for those customers looking for a mount of this type.

As we all know, BMW Motorrad currently has two plug-in alternatives within its range of models, the CE 02 and CE 04. Two city-oriented scooters that have nothing to do with the passionate side that a high-performance motorcycle can provide us, regardless of the segment we choose.

Markus Flasch opts for other trade policies

If we look back, we will all remember the electric prototype that the German brand presented in 2019 in Miramas, France. Baptized under the initials E-Power Roadsterseemed like the beginning of a project that would culminate in the launch of a high-performance electric motorcycle.

Most likely, a common platform would be offered on which to develop different variants, a strategy already used by brands such as Zero or Energica. The reality is that the idyllic idea, on the part of some, of being able to develop a complete range of electric models, in parallel with conventional combustion mounts, has not come to fruition definitively.

Markus Flasch, CEO of BMW Motorrad, confirms what we all suspected: There will not be a high-performance electric motorcycle… For now

At least this is the case with BMW and Markus Flasch has confirmed it with his statements: “We listen very carefully to the requests of our audience, what they really want and how much they are willing to pay. At the same time, we closely analyze the competition in the market and what it brings to the market. And if we combine both aspects, we arrive at the result that the time for high-performance electric motorcycles is probably not yet ripe.”

And continues: “But we are not ruling anything out. We don’t think we will need a more powerful electric motorcycle in the next two or three years. As far as electric is concerned, we have changed our strategy and this no longer includes the electric motorcycle. A couple of years ago we thought that customer demand would lean towards these motorcycles, but if we look at the current market, we see that the motorcyclist is not yet ready to accept such a vehicle.”

Markus Flasch, CEO of BMW Motorrad, confirms what we all suspected: There will not be a high-performance electric motorcycle… For now

Markus Flasch Concludes: “That is why we have overestimated demand, the motorcycle market is not regulated like the car market. Using a motorcycle is motivated by other things than driving a car. In addition, there is always the real problem of charging infrastructure. That is why motorcyclists are still reluctant to buy an electric motorcycle to go around the lake or to go to the mountains.”

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