This is the ultimate home machine to learn how to make wheelies

Content creators of Cboys TVtired of trying to get hold of a machine to learn how to do wheelies, have built their own and it is certainly perfectly designed to learn how to do stunts on a Dirt Bike.

Part of the team of the Cboys They wanted to learn how to stay on a wheel for as long as they wanted. Obviously, the frustration of Ryan and Ken led them to devise this prototype. Other companions in hardship, Ben and CJare true experts at doing endless wheelies. But with the arrival of Evan and Micahthe team’s skill level has risen noticeably. Evan seems capable of doing wheelies on almost anything with two wheels. And, of course, the competition was on the cards.

This is how they learn to make wheelies with this invention

That is to say, Ken He can barely handle a dirt bike and Ryan doesn’t know how to do wheelies. Solution, the machine we are talking about, and a few days of practice. After giving it some work, the results obtained are surprising. In the end, Ryan He did wheelies like an expert and Ken managed to lift the motorcycle.

Everything was going well until the inevitable happened. Ken He did exactly what he had been repeatedly warned not to do and dropped the bike, causing a moment of panic and much laughter that put an end to his training.

During the video, it’s funny that the boys mentioned that they were scammed 3 times when trying to buy a wheelie machine. That’s the real reason why they only had to make their own if they wanted to learn.

But, be careful. In the video they ask if anyone would be interested in buying it if they decided to market this curious invention. Guys from Cboysit is clear that yes.

Cboys TV horse machine

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